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Six egg-based dishes that will knock your socks off

14 Oct, 2015 by Roxanne Bamboat

Six egg-based dishes that will knock your socks off

One of the most underrated ingredient is an egg. Scramble, fried, poached, baked or even boiled, eggs are absolutely delicious and are so much more than just breakfast food. A good egg can help elevate many dishes, and the perfect example is a poached egg in a salad or even a lovely fried egg with a runny yolk on top of fried rice. A lot of people think eggs are eaten only in the morning and are found on breakfast menus, but that is a myth. It is also the sole reason why a lot of restaurants have all-day breakfast menus – so you can enjoy your eggs for lunch or even dinner! We decided to round up our favourite egg dishes in the city and they are nothing less than stellar! If you do not believe us, go out and venture on your own little taste test and compare notes!

Eggs Benedict at Indigo Deli – No egg list is complete without the hero of any breakfast menu: the eggs benedict. Eggs benny, as they are fondly called, are delicious and many restaurants in the city make some great versions. However, the best of the best can be found at Indigo Deli. There is just something about their bun, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce that all comes together in a perfect symphony and makes one terrific dish.

Egg Kejriwal at The Bombay Canteen – Many moons ago, a gentleman sat at the Willingdon Sports Club of Mumbai and ordered his favourite sandwich of toast, fried eggs, cheese and chillies, and soon had the dish named after him. All clubs now claim that this dish was invented at their club and there are several Mr. Kejriwals (no relation to the famous one in Delhi) that claim to be the force behind the dish. Whatever it may be, eggs Kejriwal is a delicious snack and, while on its own it is lovely, the folks at The Bombay Canteen have made their own version that is magnificent. The toast is replaced by a brioche bun, the chillies are pureed into a chutney, and the egg is decorated with a few microgreens. It has come a long way from what you will get at any of these clubs or gymkhanas, but it is remarkably delicious.

Parsi Pora Sandwich at Belgaum Ghee Depot – Omelets are great and when they are sandwiched between two slices of bread, they are even better. While a regular omelet or a Spanish omelet are the most popular, a delicious type of omelet is the Parsi style, which they call ‘pora’. It has got green chillies and is fried till it is much darker and almost brownish black in colour. A pora sandwich is one of the absolute best things you can ever snack on, and the ones at Belgaum Ghee Depot in Nana Chowk are wonderful!

Kheema Ghotala at Cafe Mondegar – Minced meat or a nice spicy kheema is always relished with great joy. The best kind of kheema, however, will always be the one which has an egg mixed into it. It is almost like a scrambled egg mixed with the kheema, which is fondly called ‘ghotala’ and tastes great. Smear it over crisp toast or mop it up with a soft pao – either way, it is a great dish. You will find this dish on many menus, but the one at Cafe Mondegar is quite special.

Egg and Chutney Pattice at Ideal Corner – Parsis love their eggs. When people think of egg-based Parsi dishes, they only think of akoori (similar to bhurji, but not quite) or sali par eedu (eggs on thin, crispy potato straws) but there is much more. One delicious and, truth be told, slightly acquired taste is the egg and chutney pattice. Which is exactly as the name suggests: a potato-based patty that is stuffed with green chutney and a boiled egg.

Spring Onion and Egg Fried Rice at Hakkasan – Most people like their fried rice loaded with veggies or bacon bits, shrimp and mushrooms. The common thought is that the more ingredients it has, the tastier it will be. Hakkasan, unlike most restaurants, has decided to embrace the ‘less is more’ mantra and create a divine fried rice with simple ingredients – spring onions and egg. The rice is light and full of flavour, and possibly one of the best fried rice dishes in the city. It is a pity most people order it and drown it in some curry along with their meal; eaten on its own, it is delicious and a worthy mention on this list.

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Better known as the Tiny Taster, Roxanne is an internationally respected blogger and expert on the Mumbai food scene. She has hosted many events, including the Upper Crust Food & Wine Show and travels the world, sharing her knowledge and gaining more experience.

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