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Most Popular Desserts In Hyderabad And Where To Find Them

Here is a list of rich decadent desserts to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

17 Jan, 2022 by Vansh Khullar

Here is a list of rich decadent desserts to satiate your sweet tooth cravings

Hyderabad’s rich culinary heritage and love for desserts is something that every foodie should explore. This city offers a large variety of desserts that you cannot get elsewhere. From traditional Mughlai and Nawabi desserts to popular Egyptian delights, one can get it all in Hyderabad.

Qubani ka Meetha at Kebab-E-Bahar, Taj Banjara, Hyderabad

This aromatic and mouthwatering dessert is very popular in Hyderabad. Known for its smooth texture and phenomenal taste, it is a traditional dessert that will have you drooling over its goodness. Dried Apricots, Gulab Jal, Desi Ghee, Fresh Malai all mixed together and topped off with crunchy almonds, have never tasted better. This sweet and crunchy delight is a must-try.

Other recommendations: Aaj Ki Tokri, Double Ka Meetha and Malai Kulfi.

Cost for two: ₹ 2500

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Zafrani Phirni at Ohri's Gufaa, Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad

This eternal classic sweet dish is made using thickened milk, rice, dry fruits and a hint of saffron. The rich and creamy texture of this aromatic pudding is impeccable. With subtle crunchy elements, chilled and served in an earthen pot, this sweet dish is a perfect way to end a heavy meal.

Other recommendations: Rasmalai Torte, Rabri and Jamun-O-Gul

Cost for two: ₹ 1000

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Umm Ali at Kabul Darbar, Tolichowki, Hyderabad

This lip-smacking Egyptian delight is a traditional bread pudding made with pastry, sugar, milk, nuts, raisins and a plethora of flavorful spices. The crunchy- caramelized elements, combined with the silky texture of the pudding, will make you fill up your entire spoon for each bite. Try this delightful dessert and thank us later.

Other recommendations: Badami Kheer, Phirni and Rabri.

Cost for two: ₹ 1000

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Jauzi Ka Halwa at Hameedi Confectioner & Co. Abids, Hyderabad

This Royal Nizam sweet dish takes 5-6 hours to make and is worth all the effort. Made using soaked oats, generous amounts of ghee, dry fruits, nutmeg, chopped almonds and a lot more aromatic and flavorful spices, this unique offering is a rich, filling and scrumptious dessert that everyone should experience.

Other recommendations: Malai Cham Cham, Rabdi Malai and Ajmeri Kalakhan.

Cost for two: ₹ 300

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Double Ka Meetha at Encounters, Taj Krishna, Hyderabad

Also known as Shahi Tukda, Double Ka Meetha is a Hyderabadi specialty made using fried bread slices, saffron-infused sugar syrup and thick Rabri. A hint of cardamom adds to the irresistible aroma of this dessert that is nothing short of pure indulgence. You must try this Nizam-style dessert.

Other recommendations: Pista Gulab Jamun, Kesari Rasmalai and Rabri Rasogulla.

Cost for two: ₹ 3660

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Sheer Khurma at Meethe Miya, Film Nagar, Hyderabad

Sheer Khurma in Persian stands for ‘Milk with Dates’. This sweet dish is a hearty vermicelli pudding made with milk, ghee, dates, dry fruits, saffron and a lot more ingredients. This aromatic goodness is so nourishing and tasty, it is a specialty made in every household during Eid and a must-try for everyone not familiar with it.

Other recommendations: Seviyon Ka Meetha, Shahi Roll, Meetha Samosa and Miya’s Special Halwa.

Cost for two: ₹ 300

Kesari Malpua With Rabri at Ohri's Serengeti, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

These Saffron-infused, Indian-style pancakes are surprisingly addictive. Fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup, these hot and crispy Malpuas are served with cold and sweet Rabri enhancing the flavors and complementing the textures of both.

Other recommendations: Baked Gulab Jamun, Sakora Phirni, Malai Ghewar and Basundi.

Cost for two: ₹ 1200

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Ariselu at Olive Mithai Shop, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Ariselu is an authentic south Indian sweet dish made from rice flour and jaggery syrup. Fried in ghee for a smooth velvety texture, this sweet dish is to die for. Topped with sesame seeds and served with Rabri on the side, it will qualify as one of your favorite desserts ever!

Other recommendations: Gavvalu, Bellam Boondi, Mysore Pak and Bandar Halwa.

Cost for two: ₹ 200

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