Food Trends Must-Visit Restaurants In DLF CyberHub, Gurgaon
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Must-Visit Restaurants In DLF CyberHub, Gurgaon
Must-Visit Restaurants In DLF CyberHub, Gurgaon | EazyDiner Food Trends

Must-Visit Restaurants In DLF CyberHub, Gurgaon

A Taste Of Diverse Dining Trends

04 Apr, 2017 by Susmita Saha

A Taste Of Diverse Dining Trends

The dining scene in Gurgaon has transformed in the blink of an eye. And nowhere is this more visible than at DLF CyberHub. It brims with rich culinary offerings from a range of marquee restaurants that woo diners with top notch ingredients and playful presentations. From classic establishments to buzzy newcomers, CyberHub sees countless foodie footfalls through the day. So, here is a list of edgy dining options that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Farzi Café

Billed as one of the most innovative restaurants in GTown, the modern Indian bistro, Farzi Café, offers a gourmet experience, mixing up traditional global cuisine with Indian influences. They have upped the ante with new additions to their food menu which includes inventive items such as Besant Nagar Chillies Fritters, a fun take on the deep fried banana chillies that are a staple on the Besant Nagar Beach in Chennai. The café version has chillies (with a filling of cream cheese and other condiments), which are dipped in a batter of urad dal and rice flour before being deep-fried. The final flourish comes by way of a dusting of gun powder on the fried chillies.


No visit to CyberHub is complete without a pit stop at Nando’s, the international Afro-Portuguese chain of restaurants, that is celebrated for its signature flame-grilled PERi-PERi Chicken. The outlet is soon going for refurbishment and will boast of ‘Hosted Cockerel’ service format in its new avatar. As a result, food will have to be ordered at the counter by patrons, while dressings and sauces need to be picked up from the condiment station. But fear not, the outlet’s hot sellers, including Hummus with PERi-PERi Drizzle and Espetada Carnival (flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken thighs that are stuffed with feta and parsley, skewered with mixed peppers and served with two side dishes) will still hog the limelight.

Cyber Hub Social

Once you walk in through the doors of Cyber Hub Social, be prepared to be bowled over by its upcycled interiors and décor that flaunts an anti-design theme. Keeping in mind that Gurgaon is a city of urban migrants, the outlet uses design references from bastis and chawls of India. As a result, Cyber Hub Social's workspaces are designed to resemble kholis (the Marathi word for room) from outside while they mimic high tech cubicles when you step inside. The menu boasts of a host of drool-worthy dishes including Tikka Tacos (chicken tikka in a soft-shell tortilla served with a tandoori salad, mint chutney and garlic aioli) and Ghee Roast Chicken.

Indigo Deli

Indigo Deli pays homage to the quintessential deli experience through its sprawling interiors (read 3000 sqft of space), understated décor and high-on-wood design. The menu is a whimsical feast of the nostalgic tastes of comfort food. With a sharp focus on nouvelle cuisine, the restaurant offers a succession of inventive sandwiches, salads, pasta and light meals along with a mind-boggling assortment of desserts, beverages and a daily changing, ‘Specials’ menu. A menu highlight is the Rueben Sandwich, where the Pastrami is made in-house and the meat is cured for over 21 days but the true showstopper is their bouquet of homemade ice-creams featuring one-of-a-kind flavours, including Dulce De Leche and Wild Nilgiri Vanilla.

Dhaba by Claridges

The scorching Indian summer is upon us and the best way to embrace the sun’s blazing rays is to drop by Dhaba by Claridges, which will start offering a dizzying variety of signature Lassis from April 10. The Punjabi cuisine outfit is reimagining the Lassi in 16 Flavours, such as Banana, Khajoori (date), Motichoor (motichhoor laddu), Gulabo (rose), Banno (betel leaf), Coconut, Vilayti (strawberry), Anguri (black grape), and Chukandari (beetroot). And if you thought these were tame, there’s an Angrezi Lassi (coffee and cinnamon) and Chineez Lassi (kiwi and cinnamon) for the brave hearts.

Truly, there are tongue-tickling flavours to be savoured at CyberHub, doled out from restaurants that ooze character and warmth. So, the next time you think of dining out, do drop by this quirky grub destination to add more food experiences to your repertoire.

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Susmita Saha is a Delhi-based Features Writer. She has worked as an Assistant Editor at India Today and The Telegraph and writes on arts and culture, films, travel, food, architecture, design and various other lifestyle subjects. She has seriously itchy feet and plans to tick the world off her bucket list, one burger at a time.

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