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Best Home Cooked Christmas Meals In Mumbai
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Best Home Cooked Christmas Meals In Mumbai

Some of the best Christmas menus by the city's most innovative home chefs and caterers

17 Dec, 2017 by Roxanne Bamboat

Some of the best Christmas menus by the city's most innovative home chefs and caterers

It is the end of the year, Christmas is around the corner and that means a whole lot of delicious food. Restaurants are buzzing with festive menus and special treats but the real Christmas creativity is found in some very interesting menus by folks that have a steady stream of loyal customers. These Home Chefs / Caterers are folks that do not have the luxury of a restaurant space but still manage to serve up some restaurant-worthy meals. They have embraced the festive season and have managed to whip up some incredible dishes for Christmas. Here are some of our favourites.  

Katy's Kitchen 

This legendary kitchen is run by an archaeologist with a deep love affair with food, Kurush Dalal and his talented wife Rhea Dalal. They are not unknown names and have a steady stream of loyal clientele that enjoys their food year long but waits with baited breath for their Christmas specials. Once again this year they do not disappoint. Roast Chicken with Stuffed Vegetables, a Persian inspired Lamb Tagine with Parsley Buttered Rice (an interesting choice among the most traditional dishes), Baked Fish Florentine and their signature special - their Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter. They pride themselves on their Christmas Pudding which is studded with fruits that are soaked in liquor for almost a year. This is as indulgent as you can get at Christmas time!

The menu is available for 25th December 2017.

Lil Miss Greedy                        

Run by two lovely ladies who have an eager fan following for quite a while, Subhasree Basu from the Hungry Cat kitchen with all her wonderful Pork specialities along with a list of other dishes and Perzen Patel from the Bawi Bride kitchen and her intense repertoire of Parsi dishes. They have joined forces in the last six months and have been doing some incredibly interesting menus but by far the most exciting is their Christmas Special. Think deliciously juicy Pork Chops with a delicate cranberry, orange and port wine reduction. Deep intensely rich Bacon jam flavoured Mac and Cheese which gives the traditional dish a whole new spin, their signature Pot Pies with their delicate flakey pastry, for this menu, it is a stunning Fisherman's Pie and a delicious traditional Christmas Pudding with a generous slather of their secret Rum Butter Sauce. While the pudding is a winner, their Christmas Fruit Fudge is all kinds of wonderful.

Menu is available from 20th -30th December 2017

Christine Fernandes 

She is a popular name in South Mumbai and her customers eagerly await for her extensive Christmas Menu. The hot sellers are her Stuffed Roasted Turkey and Roasted Duck with Plum and Apple but both are sold out for the season. The other showstoppers include her Stuffed Roast Chicken and Leg of Ham Glazed With Rum and Honey Bourbon. Pork Vindaloo and some delicate vegetable bake dishes as well. All the meat comes with an accompaniment of potatoes or vegetables and there is a long list of Christmas sweets and desserts.

Havovi Shroff

She is someone who you get to know about only through word of mouth but this Parsi caterer has been a hot favourite at many Christmas parties in the city. For years she has been dishing out her desserts and sublime Parsi food but the real treat is her Christmas specials. The showstopper is her Glazed Leg of Ham as well as Roast Turkey with a choice of stuffing but the Quiches, Christmas pudding and the Christmas Cheesecake are equally popular.

Pia Promina DasGupta Bharve

This home chef from Bandra regularly has different specials for various festive seasons but this Christmas Menu is an absolute treat. Pia's menu includes a Robust Roast Turkey that comes generously stuffed with dry fruits and cold cuts. Fresh Norweigian Salmon with a shrimp or crab stuffing of then a simple herbed butter or then even her Polish Duck that is roasted and stuffed with cranberries and apples.

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Better known as the Tiny Taster, Roxanne is an internationally respected blogger and expert on the Mumbai food scene. She has hosted many events, including the Upper Crust Food & Wine Show and travels the world, sharing her knowledge and gaining more experience.

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