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POTATO (You Say Potato, We Say Potaaato)
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POTATO (You Say Potato, We Say Potaaato)

Best potato dishes in Mumbai

07 Nov, 2015 by Roxanne Bamboat

Best potato dishes in Mumbai

Potatoes are one of the most comforting ingredients there are. No matter what form they are served in, they almost always make your mouth water. While it is not always the star of the dish and it does make for a very handy accompaniment, so much so that now a days the accompaniment is as good as the main! It is only fair if we share the best of the best with you. I put on my tasting pants and got to work. These are some potato based dishes served across the city that I think are worth every single calorie.

Truffle Fries at Ellipsis – I think French fries is possibly the most genius contribution to food. Personally there is nothing more satisfying than a bowl of well-made crisp, yet soft warm French fries.  Most places take their fries for granted and serve you burnt, over-cooked and completely underwhelming fries. Ellipsis however, like they do everything, dishes out their French fries with a certain style. They are cooked to perfection and served with parmesan shavings, chives, onion and white truffle oil. A must order with whatever you are eating there.

Vada Pav Inside out at Masala Library – It is impossible to have a list about potato dishes and not include the city's most interesting innovation. You may turn up your nose or you may sigh with relief but this tasty fried potato patty served spicy, inside a soft warm pav is the stuff dreams are made of. Full of flavour and quite filling, this on the go snack is found everywhere. The most exciting version however is found at Masala Library where believe it or not the chutney, spices and the pav are found stuffed inside the potato filled vada. It is a different take on the regular street snack but it is divine.

Mash Potatoes at Sassy Spoon – If there is one thing you must absolutely not miss at this incredible European cuisine based restaurant, it is their mash potatoes. As ridiculous as that might sound it is the God's honest truth. Nowhere in this city do they serve a creamier, softer, delicate delicious pillowy plate of mash potato. Once again it isn't the main dish, but I order it regardless of whatever else I have ordered, because it's good to be truth, and not worth missing.

Pav Bhaji Fondue at Spice Klub – Pav Bhaji is a dish that was invented in this city and while it is full of potatoes, spice, vegetables, and lots of butter and oil, all is forgiven because it is extremely tasty. Everyone has their own favourite places to visit and restaurants like Sardar pav bhaji are known for serving just this dish with a truckload of melted butter and cheese. While that might have many takers, I feel there are tastier and more innovative ones across the city and the pav bhaji fondue at Spice Klub is a worthy mention. Served in a more creamy form in a huge fondue like pot with the pav cut into crouton like sizes, it's a fun dish and tastes good.

Baked Potato Skins at Relish – It might sound odd to eat a dish called potato skins but in this context it just means that the skin is still on the potato. A bit of the potato is scooped out to make place for a filling which is usually a mixture of capsicum, mushroom, American corn in a cheesy sauce and then topped with more cheese and baked in the oven and served in a tomato sauce. This is a heavy dish full of carbs and cheese and is wonderful. The best place to eat this is at Relish restaurant and it is a vegetarian version.

Potato and Leek Soup at Serafina – This is a classic combination for a soup but strangely is not on too many menus. The entire base for the soup comes from the potatoes and is an interesting way to eat them, without them being fried or baked or swimming in cheese. While Serafina and its Italian menu is loaded with potato dishes most of which are in creamy cheese filled sauces or then French fries, this soup is a healthy delicious change that is worth trying.

Potato Gnocchi at Salt Water Cafe – Gnocchi is an Italian dish that is best described as a soft dumpling. It can be made with potatoes, semolina, flour and even cheese. Usually served in a sauce, it is a type of pasta but very different. The folks at Salt Water Cafe serve a beautiful plate of potato gnocchi with tomato butter and ribiola cheese. Potato in a pasta like dish is not very common but Potato Gnocchi is a wonderful dish and worth trying if you haven't before.

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Better known as the Tiny Taster, Roxanne is an internationally respected blogger and expert on the Mumbai food scene. She has hosted many events, including the Upper Crust Food & Wine Show and travels the world, sharing her knowledge and gaining more experience.

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