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The Bengali Food Festival At Jamavar, The Leela Mumbai
The Bengali Food Festival At Jamavar, The Leela Mumbai | EazyDiner Food Trends

The Bengali Food Festival At Jamavar, The Leela Mumbai

Embark upon a gastronomic journey of the flavours of Bengal

29 Jan, 2018 by Mini Ribeiro

Embark upon a gastronomic journey of the flavours of Bengal

Bengali Food Festival

Venue: Jamavar, The Leela Mumbai

Date: Daily until 4th February 2018

Time: 07:00 pm - 12:00 am

Bengali cuisine is famed for its subtle, yet sometimes fiery flavours. The multi-course tradition that is analogous in structure to the service à la russe style of French cuisine, with food served sequentially, course-wise rather than all at once, is what further sets it apart. The speciality of Bengali food lies in the perfect amalgamation of sweet and spicy flavours in one meal.

A visit to the Bengali Food Festival at Jamavar, The Leela Mumbai, will transport you to the bylanes of Kolkata and entice your taste buds with authentic flavours of Ruposhi Bangal – the beautiful land of West Bengal. This festival is on until February 4, 2018.

Rabindra Sangeet played in the background further sets the mood. The carefully curated menu with the help of Chef Hafeez from Aaheli, Peerless Inn, Kolkata, bears a stamp of authenticity.

Feast on appetizers like Mochar Chop, Piyaz Postor Bora, Pur Bhora Bhetki and Rui Macher Patishpata and get the real taste of Bengali cuisine. Dip these in the tangy Mustard Sauce or Kasundi to enhance the experience. While the food is traditional, there are elements of inventiveness which mesh seamlessly with the ingredients and cooking styles.

The main course will leave you spoilt for choice. One can choose from an array of regional specialities like Kasha Mangsho, Rui Macher Jhol, Daab Chingri Pelobota Chirantani Chitol Muithaa and of course, Dhumrogondhi Ilish cooked in mustard.

Plenty of vegetarian options too in this menu. Vegetarians can savour Piyaj Aloo Posto, Dhokar Dalna, Potoler Dorma and much more. Pair these with Rajokiyo Radha Ballabi and Motor Shutir Kochuri.

The aromatic Gobindhobhog Rice used to make the flavourful Suravi Pulao, is an unparalleled treat. Round off your meal with the popular Bengali sweets - Mishit Doi, Gurer Rajbhog and Kheer made with Nolen Gur.

The authentically sourced ingredients like the gondhoraj lebu, gobindobhog rice, nolen gur are what impart that extra flavour to these offerings.

So, whether it is a family meal or an adda with friends, you are bound to relish the flavours of Bengal right here in Mumbai.

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