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Top 5 Places For Khow suey in Delhi/NCR
Top 5 Places For Khow suey in Delhi/NCR | EazyDiner Food Trends

Top 5 Places For Khow suey in Delhi/NCR

Best 5 Places in Delhi/NCR for the yummiest comfort food; Khow Suey

26 Nov, 2017 by Susmita Saha

Best 5 Places in Delhi/NCR for the yummiest comfort food; Khow Suey

Khow Suey, almost a catch-all term that denotes all kinds of noodle and coconut broth dishes is here to stay. Cousins of the South East Asian one-pot meals, khow sueys have a greater debt to coconut than any other noodle soup and feature a tangle of noodles buried under mountains of condiments. Floating on your broth are shards of fried onions and garlic, boiled eggs, crisp potato filaments, chopped mint and coriander, all under a cloud of peanut dust. If you manage to part the curtain of coconut soup, tinged a deep scarlet, you will unearth long lost treasures of the deep, including juicy prawns, chicken and other meats. Khow Suey is food for the soul where sparkling condiments bring thrust to the soup, and noodles the required heft. Today this comfort food is available at Delhi/NCR restaurants in all its colourful variations and holds unlimited promise for winters. 

Burma Burma

The new outlet of Burma Burma, an ode to Burmese cuisine, has opened its doors to diners at Select City Walk, Saket. The success of the dining outfit in Mumbai and Gurgaon is a testament to the cultural riches of Burmese cuisine. Amplifying the cuisine’s diverse spirit are dishes representing various tribes in Myanmar that feature on the extended menu of the new outlet. Tohu Kyaw and Shan Khowsuey from the Shan tribe share space with Mohingar and Laphet from the Bamar tribe in the sprawling menu. Obviously, the scene stealers are the Khow Sueys that are available in their multiple avatars. There is Oh No Khow Suey (Rs 490), featuring coconut milk flecked with lemongrass, tamarind and vegetables and served with an array of toppings. Also try the Nangyi Khow Suey / dry khow suey (Rs 390), where rice noodles are served with roasted gram flour, paprika and onions. There are more choices on offer, including Shan khow suey (Rs 380), a Shan delicacy of rice noodles that is served with tomato relish, crushed peanuts, sweet soy and sesame as well as Shwedagon Khow Suey (Rs 390), where noodles are plated with gram flour, tomato curry and thick coconut cream.

Kylin Experience

Price: Rs 395, plus taxes (Vegetarian), Rs 495, plus taxes (Non-Vegetarian)

Days: Monday - Thursday

Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM 

If you happen to be a Khow suey fan, it is time to rejoice. That is because Kylin Experience, Good Earth is doing Khow suey lunches for the Southeast Asian food fanatic. These lunches are aimed at extolling the glories of Oriental food but also at satisfying your appetites simultaneously. Expect one dim sum basket, one Khow suey bowl, rounded off by the dessert of the day, as part of the khow suey lunch.

TabulaBeach Cafe


Vegetarian Khow Suey: Rs 520, plus taxes

Chicken Khow Suey: Rs 520, plus taxes

Shrimp Khow Suey: Rs? 570, plus taxes

Giving a hip and modern spin to Khow Suey is TabulaBeach. The traditional Burmese delicacy gets a makeover here as the noodles are served in a curried chicken and cold pressed coconut milk broth. Also invited to the party is an assortment of toppings, including spring onions, fried onions, garlic, coriander, chilli paste and roasted peanuts.

Café Delhi Heights 

Price – Rs 445, plus taxes (Vegetarian) 

Rs 475, plus taxes (Chicken) 

Rs 525, plus taxes (Seafood)

The special Khow suey served at Café Delhi Heights intends to take your dining experience forward by updating their toppings portfolio.

The restaurant is asking its patrons to experiment and come up with their own versions of the traditional broth dish. Their innovative toppings repertoire features everything from cashews and chopped rocket to basil, for interesting flavour combinations. 

Ping's Cafe Orient

Price Vegetarian Khow suey: Rs 445, plus taxes

Chicken Khow suey: Rs 495, plus taxes

Prawn Khow suey: Rs 595, plus taxes

The Golden Pagoda Khow Suey served at Ping's Cafe Orient doffs its hat to the Golden Pagoda, a gilded stupa located in Yangon, Myanmar, whose popular moniker is the Great Dagon Pagoda. You will find your khow suey here in popular variations like vegetarian, chicken or prawn.

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