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Top 5 Places in Mumbai for Veggie Burgers
Top 5 Places in Mumbai for Veggie Burgers | EazyDiner Food Trends

Top 5 Places in Mumbai for Veggie Burgers

Veggie burgers that delight

05 Jan, 2016 by Roxanne Bamboat

Veggie burgers that delight

While, traditionally, a good hamburger has meat in it – preferably beef – we like to mix and match and tailor-make dishes to suit our preferences. While even the choice of meat can vary from chicken to fish, it is also possible to have a delicious meatless burger. While the concept might sound strange to some, this city has mastered the art of a veggie burger and some restaurants do a brilliant job. It is not just about potato or paneer patties – Chefs are getting creative with their veggies.

Crave is a happy little pizza and burger joint that has nailed it with their food selection. One of their most interesting features is their stellar vegetarian burger called Fungi Town. As the name suggests, the patty is made with mushrooms along with ricotta cheese, and it is served with caramelised onions, truffle mayo and yellow cheddar. It ha's been known to convert diehard non-vegetarians into fans and is a great choice for something different.

Mushrooms are always a delightful addition to a burger, but it can get tricky with other ingredients. Eddies Bistro has managed to do an incredible job with their Unbeetable Burger and incorporate beetroot into their burger patty. It might seem odd at first when you are served a pink burger, but one bite in and all your reservations will melt away. A beautiful mix of beetroot, cottage cheese and spices, this pink burger is a great choice from their menu.

The black bean burger at The Nutcracker is another vegetarian burger that you do not often see on menus across the city. This restaurant is extremely popular despite its entire menu being vegetarian (with an exception of eggs). No one that visits misses the meat, especially with their black bean burger. As the name suggests, it is made with black beans that are chunky and spicy, garlic aioli and caramelised onions all inside a soft burger bun. A far cry from a vegetable patty or a potato-based one.

If there is one burger joint in the city that is universally loved, it would have to be Between Breads in Bandra. This tiny place has a ton of loyal fans that come to lap up their bacon fries, double cheeseburgers and their 10 oz bacon cheeseburgers. While it seems like a place that sweats meat, do not underestimate their vegetarian options. The jalapeno poppers burger is one popular veggie burger with a potato-based patty, grilled onions, tomatoes and – you guessed it – cheesy jalapeno poppers that burst in your mouth with every bite. It is full of carbs, calories and deliciousness, and is worth a try.

It is hard to say if this is a burger worth indulging in, but it is definitely worth a special mention, as there is a wide audience looking for a burger like this. The Rolling Pin caters wonderful vegetarian food, from pasta, pizza, snacks and desserts, but their Special Jain Burger is the most interesting. It has no garlic, no onion and no potatoes – just fresh garden vegetables that make the patty, served with a cream mayo in a buttery, toasted sesame bun. Innovative and absolutely worth a mention!

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