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Top 5 Restaurants Serving Vegan Food in Ahmedabad

Vegan food lovers in Ahmedabad are slowly increasing and so are eateries who are offering customers wider choices

16 Dec, 2018 by Sonal Kellogg

Vegan food lovers in Ahmedabad are slowly increasing and so are eateries who are offering customers wider choices

Vegan food has still not caught on in Ahmedabad in a big way but for Gujaratis, many of who are vegetarians, it is a small shift to move from vegetarianism to veganism. However Gujarati’s love ghee, butter, milk, buttermilk and curd so it does seem a long way before thousands move towards a dairy-free diet.

It needs to be remembered that Gujaratis are extremely well-travelled people and they are aware of food trends across the world, especially in the developed countries and if the trend suits their food habits they are quick to adapt it. So in Ahmedabad, you get Mexican, Italian, Thai, Korean and Japanese cuisines in many restaurants. When it comes to vegan choices, restaurants need to make small changes to make a vegetarian dish into a vegan dish and they are doing it in many restaurants. Despite that, only two restaurants clearly mark which dishes are vegan on their menu. But many more offer vegan choices in their restaurants.

We bring you the best restaurants who are offering many vegan choices so that any vegan food lover has ample dishes to choose from and not feel restricted to a few dishes only.

List of top 5 restaurants serving vegan food in Ahmedabad:

Instaa Fresh

This café serves healthy food options from salads, cold press juices, soups and lots of other healthy food choices with beans, vegetables and whole grains. This is a vegetarian place located in Thaltej area. What is most interesting is that they have marked on the menu dishes are vegan, gluten-free, Jain, detox and spicy so it is easy to know and to choose. They have many vegan choices here. Its open from 06:00 am to 11:00 pm and that is a huge advantage for vegans. You can have meals right from breakfast to dinner here.

Price for 2: Rs 500

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Dravida, The Fern

Located on S G Highway, this is a fine dining South Indian restaurant open for lunch and dinner. It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods but vegans can get many different South Indian dishes which are vegetarian and free from dairy products. A lot of South Indian vegetarian dishes are vegan as they do not use dairy in it, barring the use of ghee which is prevalent in dishes cooked in Brahmin families. Many Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh vegetarian dishes are vegan. Also, regular South Indian snacks like Idli, Dosa, Vada along with Sambhar and Chutneys are also vegan. A customer should mention their vegan food choice when ordering to ensure that no ghee is added to the cooking.

Price for 2: Rs 1500

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Café Tilla

This restaurant serves vegetarian food and it mentions dishes which are vegan and Jain. It is located in Paldi close to National Institute of Design (NID). It is open from 12 noon to 11:00 pm and has many vegan choices in their menu from soups, salads, snacks and different meals.

Price for 2: Rs 500

Project Otenga

This is a café located in Ahmedabad University campus in Navrangpura which is mainly a place to ideate, have academic meetings, indulge in creative pursuits like writing, sketching, etc along with food. It serves a lot of North-East Indian food as the name Otenga suggests. Otenga is a South Asian evergreen tree with edible sour fruit found in the North East. Since North Eastern cuisine does not use dairy products, its vegetarian dishes are vegan. Here you can get lots of cold and hot beverages, soups, salads and mini meals which are free of eggs, dairy products, honey and meats. The owner said that since the food here is curated they can tailor-make the dishes for vegans. There are more than a dozen vegan options on the menu along with the daily mini Thali.

Price for 2: Rs 500

Sante Spa Cuisine

Located on Sindhu Bhawan Road, this vegetarian healthy food café is a newly opened outlet.  It mentions vegan options in the menu so vegan lovers have no difficulty in finding their food choices. Here there are salads, beverages, pizzas, meals and desserts. It is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Price for 2: Rs 800

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A published author working on her second book, Sonal worked for many years as a journalist in The Indian Express, The Asian Age and DNA Newspaper where she regularly reviewed restaurants and wrote about food. She worked in Nairobi as a general manager of a group of restaurants in another era. She loves experimenting with food but is also known for her Biryanis and Kababs and even her baking skills. She likes travelling to little known places and if she finds quaint eateries it just makes the trip more fun. Currently based in Ahmedabad, she is happy with the growing awareness of gourmet food in the city.

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