Diva Maharashtracha
Matunga West, Central Mumbai

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₹ 1200 for two


  • 12:30 PM to 04:00 PM
  • 07:00 PM to 12:30 AM

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Near Hinduja Hospital, Matunga West, Mumbai

Diva Maharashtracha Menu

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Insider Tips

  • They have a set menu for lunch on weekdays which allows you to try a wider range of dishes specially if you are alone
  • The inner décor of the restaurant uses local motifs such as Warli and Paithani art
  • The owner often walks around and chats with diners. Some find this a bit interfering!

Critic Rating

Kalyan Speaks Food Blogger & Writer


This is one of the very few, if not the only, high-end Maharashtrian standalone restaurants in Mumbai. So this is where you should head to if you want to try Maharashtrian food in a reasonably comfortable setting. The menu represents cuisines from across Maharashtra and has a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. This makes it different from Maharashtrian restaurants in Dadar which are pure veg and the seafood focused Malvani restaurants. The Malvani prawns, pork pickle, crab soup and tambda rassa here are interesting non-vegetarian dishes to try while vegetarians would like the pithla bhakri.

User Reviews of Diva Maharashtracha, Matunga West, Central Mumbai

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Posted on : 13 Aug, 2019
Diva maharashtracha

Diva maharashtracha is the maharashtrian restaurant serving really delicious food. It is located in mahim 10-15 minutes walkable distance from the mahim station. We received really good hospitality from their end. Also all the recommendations made by them were superb. Coming to the food. ◼ Platinum whiskey sour - This cocktail were served in a normal glass but taste wise it was superb. ◼ Guava merry - It was the best in cocktail with their unique presentation I loved it. ◼ Kolhapuri suke chicken - If you wanna try some best kolhapuri dishes you should definately visit Diva Maharashtracha. This dish comes in reddish spicey look and pure kolhapuri taste. ◼ Malwani mutton sukha - Basically I am Malvani so I knew the pure taste of malwan and I am totally satisfied with this dish as well.💯 ◼ Tambda rass chicken & Jwar bhakri - All time the best combination to have and quantity of tambda rass is very good and bhakri they served in topli. ◼ Konkan prawns kalwan & Red rice - Red rice is normally big size from normal rice. My all time favourite prawns with konkani kalwan is awesome. 💯 ◼ Doodhi Halwa - In desert we ordered doodhi halwa and this dish fulfill our expectations from diva maharashtravha. Every maharashtrian should visit or If you like to have maharashtrian dishes then definately Diva Maharashtracha is the best. 💯

Posted on : 11 Aug, 2019
Amazing place with great amazing food❤️

Diva Maharashtracha This place is all about real genuine food with some lipsmacking delicious taste🤩 This place is divided in 3 parts, Diva Maharashtracha, Goa Portuguese & Dakshin Curry,😍 There are numerous number of celebrities & chefs who visited this place and they are really amazing 🙌 The owner is so welcoming he personally comes to your table to check if everything is served you properly 🥂 The food is really good, where you can even enjoy some live singing at your table💕 A must visit for family, friends and couples 🤩 •Cuddle on the beach🥂❤️ •Mango margarita 🥂💕 •Kaju Kothambir Wadi❤️🤩 Made of gram flour, corrainder leaves and cashewnut served with chutneys ☑️ •Chicken Kolhapuri Sukke💕 Meat cooked in Kolhapuri masala😍 •Chicken Konkani Hirve Fry❤️ Meat coated with green masala made of corrainder, green chilly and fried🤩 •Nagpuri Saoji Mutton 💕 Delicacy of soaji community meat cooked with onion and saoji green masala😍 •Prawns Kalwan🤩 •Prawns cooked with onion, coconut amd •red chilly based yellow gravy❤️ •Puran Poli❤️ •Dudhi halwa💕

Posted on : 01 Aug, 2019
Diva Maharashtracha ❤️💯

This place is located in Mahim west.. approx 2 KM from Mahim Railway Station 🚉 and is walkable distance of 10 min from matunga road Railway Station.! This place gives you the real taste of Maharashtra and the ambience is simple decorated and is pleasing.😌 The sitting arrangements has been done in such a way that around 40-45 people can be accomodated at once. Food is in quantity is satisfying and Mouth Watering, Taste will always make you come back here. It's a good experience if you want a break from regular food and restaurants,The staff were attentive and good at their work .! 💯👍 I had tried some of the dishes & drinks and some suggestions from my sides are : •Chicken Malwani Sukhha (Highly Recommended.!!) • Mango Fruit Punch (Mocktail 🍹) • Chicken Xacutti (Main Course 🍛) And in Dessert one must try their DoodhiHalwa.😋💯 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ~Great place to spend a cozy hungry evening! ~Something for everyone! ~Super comfortable ambiance with great service! ~The staff is well mannered and attentive! ~Perfect place to hangout! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Thank u for a wonderful experience !

Posted on : 31 Jul, 2019
Diva Maharashtracha

🌟Diva Maharashtracha🌟 Diva maharashtracha is located in mahim also near from matuga station just 10min walking distance from the matuga railway station. i visited this place with my college friends for a first time and here is my experience. Place is divided into 3 parts goa portuguesa, diva maharashtra and dakshin curry culture ..We seated in diva maharashtracha section as we visited this place to try some delicious maharashtrian dishes. 👉Ambience (4/5) :- 👇 Ambience of this place was decent above average. you'll get fresh and happy vibe when you enter in restaurant. seating arrangement is comfortable some times you will feel like place is little congested but it's not 102 people accommodate easily here. 👉Food / service (4/5) :-👇 Staff here is welcoming always there to help you. Also gives you best suggestions from the menu if you ask them. They have good knowledge about food what they are serving to you. You don't have to wait much for food after placing the order. it just takes 10 min to arrive. They serve food hot and in a proper way ... quantity and quality of food is satisfying. 👉Let's talk about what we had here👇 😋Here is some dishes we tried & i personally liked and you can also try these without any doubt 🍹MOCKTAILS Mango Fruit Punch Alphonse Delight The Royal Cream 🥗STARTERS 😋Kolambi Chi Bhaaji 😋Chicken Malwani Sukha 😋Fried Bombil 😋Kolhapuri Suke Mutton 🍱MAIN COURSE 😋Tambad Rassa Chicken 😋Chicken Xacutti 😋Jungli Chicken 😋Nagpuri Saoji Mutton 😋With Chapati, Amboli & Steam Rice 🍧DESSERTS 😋Doodhi Halwa 😋Puran Poli they serve puran poli in dessert as i know puran poli comes in main course anyways personally i love puran poli so i orderd 😋😛 Overall place is nice ...you can visit this place with your family, friends or even with your loved ones.. perfect ambience and mouth warming food doesn't disappoint you at all. must visit this place 🤘 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐OVERALL RATINGS⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Food :- great 4.5/5 👌😋 Serving :- nice 4/5😊 Enjoyable :- 💯 Ambience :- nice 4/5 🔥 Worth your money :- yeahhh Quality :- 😋😋 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Posted on : 25 Jul, 2019
It's a gastronome's delight

'Diva Maharashtracha' is an absolute delight for every aesthete with a discerning taste palate. The ambience is characterized by a meld of traditional and voguish décor with the atmosphere having an aura of chic yet relaxing vibe. The menu features oodles of Maharashtrian delicacies. So whether you're looking to give your taste buds a spark of fiery maratha spices or looking for a milder dining affair, you will relish the dining experience and it's memories that follow. The customer service is unblemished, absolutely impeccable with the order time being 10 to 15 minutes per dish. The crew led by Mr. Subhash C Sharma, collude together to make the customer feel at home with their geniality and hospitality, as they take them to a dining maneuver of complete gastronomic pleasure. Our table was hosted by Mr. Subhash himself and Mr. Kashi Mukhiya, who certainly made our dining experience enthralling. Appetizers & Main Course From the wide spread of dishes that the menu features, we ordered "Kolambichi Karanji" and "Chicken Malvani Sukke" for appetizers and "Jungli Chicken" and "Chicken Shagotti" with chapatis and ambolis for main course. "Kolambichi Karanjee" : With a generous portion size, these are karanjis or gujiyas (deep fried dumplings) stuffed with an exquisite filling of prawns cooked in a cheese based sauce. It is very appetizing and loaded with a spectrum of flavours. "Chicken Malvani Sukke" : Being a Malvani delish, this elegant dish is very flavorous. The chicken glazed with a malvani based masala is delectable and very pleasing to the taste buds. "Jungli Chicken" : A dish with a mouth-watering gravy rich in flavour, aroma and consistency, it goes well with literally every thing from the 'Breads' subsection, we had it with chapati and amboli. The chicken pieces submerged, were so tender and tasty. It's a konkan speciality that you will savour! "Chicken Shagotti" : This is another chicken dish with a delectable gravy that goes well with chapati, amboli or steamed rice. It has a very satisfying flavour. Drinks - "Platinum Whiskey Sour" and "The Royal cream" The former, is a variation of the classic whiskey sour with a twist of spices that bring in a dimension of flavours to cherish, amazing stuff. The latter, has a semi thickish consistency and a good aftertaste. They serve a variety of sweet dishes ranging from the goodness of "Kharwas" to dishes like "Bibinca" and "Payassan" expanding their gastronomic-territory of speciality to Goa and southern states. We ordered "Doodhi Halwa" which had a mind blowing taste and a burst of flavours. The dish prides itself with diverse flavours, it has a rare sapor that makes it an absolute delight. When you talk about authenticity and value for money, Diva Maharashtracha is one of the first-rate places in Mahim without any doubt, it's truly a gastronome's delight.

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About Diva Maharashtracha, Matunga West, Central Mumbai

Maharashtrian cuisine still hasn’t found that many takers outside Maharashtra but if you truly want to experience Mumbai then there is no cuisine better. You can see the soul of Mumbai in Maharashtrian cuisine, its history and vivacity. When on food walk of Mumbai try those charming lunch halls to taste some of regional flavour in the most authentic way but if you are a creature of comfort then we have just the place for you. Mumbai surprisingly has only handful of fine dining restaurants serving exclusively Maharashtrian food and one of the few is ‘Diva Maharashtracha’. The restaurant can be an excellent place to try some regional flavours in a bit more fancier setting than lunch halls. Its location near Hinduja Hospital, Matunga West, Mahim is a bustling one and draws quite a crowd during meal times.

The restaurant provides quite a lovely dining experience by striving to keep their patrons happy throughout their visit, through cheerful live music and live sports screening. Lonely ones can tap into their Wi-Fi and occupy themselves while waiting for their food to come. As the name suggests, Diva Maharashtracha is all about authentic Maharashtrian food with smattering of North Indian and Goan delicacies to diversify the curry-heavy menu. Here you get a chance to satisfy all your seafood cravings, the spread is mind-blowing. Ask for their bayside cooler, a cocktail made of Bacardi, Cointreau and coconut water. Nibble alongside on a smorgasbord of appetizers or move straight to the mains like, amti kalya watanyachi, kolhapuri tambada rassa, kolambichi khichadi, pomfret Konkan style kalwan, varhadi prawn rassa, patodi, Konkan style crab masala, malvani hirva surmai rassa and nagpuri saoji mutton.

Mop up the curries with some traditional regional breads. To round off the meal go for few delicious Maharashtrian desserts. Basundi is one of key Maharashtrian sweets and so is puran poli. There is also srikhand, shevayachi kheer, kharvas, doodhi halwa and pan ice cream. You can enjoy the regional flavours of Maharashtra sitting at home by availing their home delivery service. Interiors of Diva Maharashtracha are designed to reflect the traditional elements of Southern India. Visually heavy décor with bold colours, Indian wall moldings, bright multi-colored lanterns make up the space. Seating style is kept formal so diners can eat comfortably. The restaurant is not excessively expensive, which is a bonus.

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