Linking Road, Bandra West, Western Suburbs

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3rd Floor, VN Sphere Turner, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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  • This place offers an elaborate Sunday Brunch
  • The 'Assam Bihu Parcel' and 'Madikeri Pork Loin' are worth-a-try
  • Opt for the window seats if a view of Bandra is what you seek



Critic Rating

Mini Ribeiro Speaks Food critic, features writer and columnist


With progressive Indian cuisine being the buzzword nowadays, I enter JLWA in Bandra, with trepidation, to experience their version. This swish and spacious place exudes a lazy vibe but the chic décor and pulsating music add to the charm. Chef Roshan Seth cleverly makes use of modern cooking techniques with ingredients from across India to serve Euro Indie fare. The thoughtfully crafted menu offers quirky fare which is aesthetically presented. The glitzy bar with mixologists dishing out unique cocktails using traditional concoctions is eye-catching. The tangy Sindhi Tamatar Kadhi with its tart flavours perks your taste buds. The meaty Dhansak Lamb surprises me completely as the presentation is avant-garde, but the flavours absolutely authentic. Served with wild rice, it is a palate-pleaser although, I still prefer my caramelised brown rice. The quality of ingredients used is outstanding and these are the pivot in every dish. In some dishes though, like the Bombay Duck, one could do with the mantra, less is more, as the activated charcoal does nothing to enhance the flavours. The service staff can be a bit more attentive. Else, JLWA proves to be a fun dining experience. One can sample some lesser-known regional delicacies here

User Reviews

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Posted on : 21 Oct, 2018
Gastronomical Affair

JLWA: neo-modern version of saying JALWA in this particular style. This casual dining space is known for its unique amalgamation of the up-to-the-minute food techniques with the Indian, Italian and American cuisines. Located in the lanes of Bandra right opposite to THE LITTLE EASY, serves some really lip-smacking delicacies which are very rare to find at other places. The interiors are projected very well and gives the feel of a distinctive and lavish casual dining space with archetypal cutleries, leather sofas, huge bar etc. The whole place is also lit up very well which reflects immense positive vibes. I was here during lunch hours on a weekday and we quickly got our seat in no time because of the less crowd. Soon after I started with few of their delicacies, the crowd started pouring in and in no time the whole place was nearly occupied with the people. The whole session started with few drinks along with few munchies and then ended on a sweet note: 1. Spicy Watermelon Mint: This got to be one hell of a mocktail for the one who loves trying wide varieties in it. This was a perfect blend of watermelon juice, mint leaves, jalapeno and soda with some added sour mix on the top. Totally loved its taste. It was bit tangy, spicy and sweet at the same time. NOT TO BE MISSED. 2. Banarasi Paan Beer: This was one rare concoction of Paan infused vodka, bourbon whiskey and beer. Never imagined that there can be such concoction where Paan will also be used to create a magic. MUST TRY. 3. Cheesling Batata Bravos: This was tasty but wasn’t unique. A simple deep fried, small - sized potatoes added with jalapenos and peri-peri flavored liquid cheese on the top sums up this whole dish. 4. Malabari Tacos: This could have been better. Malabari Parottas were used instead of the tortilla base. What I didn’t liked much about this dish was its filling which was bland. It was prepared with soya, some pickles and onions dipped into vinegar. The filing could have been a little beefed up. May be avoided. 5. Chili Cheese Slider: This was the STAR out of all the munchies that we had. Small sized buns filled with a tikki, made basically with cheese and potatoes, served along with potato chips and salad (made with tomatoes, olives, bell peppers and some assorted leaves). NOT TO BE MISSED AT ANY COST. 6. ½ dozen pin wheel pizza: Pizza is Bae. These cute little sized pizzas were very simple yet were very classy. The base was very crunchy and was topped with some mozzarella, bell peppers and jalapenos. Loved every bit of it. 7. Lemon French Toast: This was just another way of presenting “SHAHI TUKDA” in their style. It was very delicious and if you happen to be here, then do not miss this. A very soft toast dipped inside a pudding made from saffron and milk. The pudding was to die for. Overall, this place will surely surprise your taste buds with its unique gastronomical delight. The pricing seems to be quite on the higher side, but that got succeeded with the quality, presentation and the taste of food which was served to us. The price for happiness here will be approx. 2000 for two pax. (exclusive of drinks and inclusive of taxes). Food: 5/5 Ambience: 5/5 Staff: 4/5 Service: 4/5

Posted on : 16 Oct, 2018
Classy ambiance, great food

JLWA been making buzz after the star studded launch in October truly deserves all the gossips and hype being made about it. Another gem from restaurateur Priyank Sukhija for Mumbai. Tamasha, LOTD and JLWA have changed the Mumbai's party scenes over a year. We recently visited JLWA for a lunch on a Monday. At a prime location with such a huge space JLWA has been crafted with such bling and classy decor. Their menu is Modern indian cuisine and the little innovation to each dish has been truly successful. ofcourse their drinks are totally superhit just like in Tamasha, LOTD. --------------------------------------------------------- We ordered following : Cocktails : 1) Maple Whiskey : This is their hot selling drink and it truly deserves all the love. This concoction is a whiskey based. It has good blend of Whiskey, Kahlua, apple, Maple syrup, Assam Tea, Clove and cinnamon smoke on top. 2) Banarasi Paan Beer : A whole Banarasi sweet paan infused vodka, maple syrup, bourbon whiskey topped with beer. Very unique way to have your beer, totally loved it. Truly indian flavour transformed. 3) Kala Kawa : This is nice concoction made of Vodka, Kahlua, Irish Cream, Coffee and Cinnamon flavor. 4) Lemongrass Babylon cooler : This little sweet looking cocktail has grapes, lychee and fresh lemon grass blended with vodka and elderflower liquer. Very smooth and refreshing. ---------------------------------------------------- Food : 1) Dahi ke Kabab : First time for me! This a delhi speciality coming from JLWA is totally worth. Very rich flavourful curd, mawa and perfect spices that will not dominate the flavours. Crisp outside and very smooth soft inside. 2) Whiskey Garlic Prawns : No Whiskey is used, but it is sour so the name is given. The sour cream had nice flavours of onion and garlic and the prawns cooked so perfectly with perfect moist and juicy texture. 3) Naga Jolokhia Tandoori Wings : Must order!! Known as World's spiciest chillies Naga / Bhut Jolokhia chillies used in the preparation of this chicken wings that is then roasted in tandoor. Nice option with the drinks, gives perfect spicy after taste with the smoky flavours. 4) Nimboo Kalimiri Chicken : This is their star dish! I loved it to the core. Nice creamy chicken tikkas roasted with charcoal and lemongrass with peppers, lemon dust. Gives creamy, lemon flavour, and then black pepper flavour. 5) Butter chicken Risotto : This sounds amazing to me, but somehow it didnt satisfy my tastebuds. I feel the butter chicken base was dominated by the arborio rice and the breadcrumbs deep fried in masala gave a different taste that totally ruined buttery creamy goodness of butter chicken. Only this dish was not that appealing rest everything was amazing. ---------------------------------------------------- Desserts : 1) French pastry with Indian twist JLWA way. Three layers of thin puff loaded with Dalchini Mawa. Served with Nagori Halwa Golgappa that has a foam on regular golgappa. Truly amazing and very flavourful. 2) Not a Shahi Tukda - Wow this one has amazed me so much! Traditional shahi tukda with a modern twist. Buttered Brioche is loaded with Mascarpone fresh wild berries that gives a bit sour taste. Served with finely chopped fruits, makes a great combination. 3) Kolkata Calling - Kolkata special Sondesh is dipped in white chocolate sauce and a Gems candy stuck on top to give a colorful effect. Served with Mishti Doi ice cream, I just loved this different and unique ice cream. Sondesh seemed a bit hard as compared to regular ones. ============================================ Service : We were served by Gauri who did an excellent job by recommending best drinks and signature dishes. Manager Alia was courteous enough to accomodate our customization in drinks. ============================================ Ambiance : As expected the ambiance is a main USP of Tamasha, LOTD and JLWA. It has to be magnificent. The huge 4500 sqft space with huge bar, those yellow hanging lights, turquoise walls, gold trimmed sofas, tables, huge L shaped sofa for a large group. Well spaced sitting arrangement, the huge glass window facade that spans the busy streets of bandra. Everything is just swanky and bling that you can imagine. Its no wonder that they are about to launch this swanky outlet in Toronto too! Overall to sum it up its a new party destination around Bandra that has already become talk of the town.

Ahteshaam H
Posted on : 15 Oct, 2018

Jlwa Location- Bandra Located at a 5 min walking distance from Bandra station, the place is worth the visit. The ambience is impeccable with pretty lightings dangling throughout the roof n blue n green interiors... Staff is enthusiast n generous with their work... It is an all day dine n bar. We visited here for lunch n rhe staff helped us with the menu n i must all the dishes recommended by her were jst amazing like to the next level satisfaction it was... Coming straight to the food, we had... ◾Cocktails 1. Melon Ball- Basically a gin based cocktail mixed into watermelon juice n served in trunk glass. 2. Banarasi Paan Beer- The taste of paan is super strong n if u're a paan lover than this is jst fr u... ◾Mocktails 1. Spicy Watermelon Mint- Watermelon juice mixed with jalapeno, sour mix n soda n topperd with mint leaves. Highly recommended. 2. Orange Punch- Fresh Orange Juice mixed with kaffir lime, vanilla syrup, sweet n sour mix n topped with orange soda. ◾Starters 1. Afghani Chicken Shawarma- Rumali rolled up with spiced chicken n veggies. Recommended. 2. Cheesling Batata Bravos- Balls of potatoes tossed with sweet n sour sauce which is crispy on the outer n soft inside topped with peri peri liquid cheese n fried jalapenos. Highly recommended. ◾Main Course 1. Mushroom Stroganoff- Small proportion of rice served with baked mushroom mixed with creamy sauce with fresh sweet pepper n parsley pilafs. 2. Peri Peri Roasted Chicken Pizza- Thin crust base pizza topped with barbeque peri peri chicken, spanish onion, jalapenos n peri peri mayonnaise. Highly recommended. ◾ Desserts 1. Lemon French Toast- slices of bread dipped in lychee saffron milk pudding. Highly recommended. 2. Classic Brownie- Super soft brownie served with hazelnut mousse, chocolate crumbe, salted caramel cream n candied marshmallows. Highly recommended Overall Ratings- Ambience- 5/5 Staffs n services- 5/5 Drinks- 4.7/5 Food- 5/5 It was overall a happy experience. This could be ur a to go place if u're planning to spend a quality tym with family n friends...

Posted on : 12 Oct, 2018
One of the best place in Bandra

It is located on Linking Road, Bandra. It is a very big outlet. The interiors are adorable as the centre of the restaurant is attracted by lightings. They have a huge bar set up at the corner. In day time the staff is a little less, so the service is a bit slow. This place has recently opened and gained popularity on social media. The food taste is just amazing and unique. They have a huge variety in their menu. They serve cuisines like modern Indian, European, Italian. They are featured in casual dining. They have a city view as well. They serve brunch, have a nightlife, and service like valet parking as well. We had ordered:- 1. Tequilla thukpa 2. Sindi ki tamatar kadi 3. Chicken tikka 4. Peri Peri aloo bravas 5. Wild mushroom risotto 6. Dal makhani(served with 2 garlic naan) 7. Butter chicken( served with Pudina laccha paratha) 8. Textures of chocolate 9. Spicy water melon mint Food - 5/5 Service - 4.5/5 Ambience - 5/5 Revisit - 4.5/5

Posted on : 01 Oct, 2018
Food review

it is one of the most amazing experience i ever got through out my all dining experience . the decor of jlwa got the special attention of mine, its so super glossy and classy. lighting of the bar is something mesmeriing and the staff is very friendly. i guess the jlwa is very specif about their decor style everything is upto the mark specially the bar. they have great options in cocktails & cuisines. i wish i could tried everything out of their menu but that cant be possible. here is my personal specific favoiraite list of bar menu banarasi paan beer- in it paan is infused with vodka and maple syrup with bourborn whisky & egg white with apple juice ,rose water over all topped with beer. imli takatak- it is one best drink with catchy name.i am sure its everyones favourite. tequila &kalakhatta are mixed with tamaried puree & orange liquor. lemon grass babylon cooler- grapes with lichee and fresh lemon grass are blended with vodka and elder flower liqueur. served tall over ice topped with bubbles. taste is so soothing. food menu which i loved her my fav addictive Nachos- house tortilla chip withcon carne with topped with liquied cheese and served with salsa & sour cream. tandoori soya chaap- tandoori masala marinated chaat with solid cheese mixed with green chilli dusted naan crisp. nihari ghost- this is one of the best nihar i ever ate.very finly classicaly slow cooked mutton served with laccha parantha served with chutney and petit salad dessret here whisch is now in my favourite list classic brownie- hazelnut mouse which is mixed with choclate and crumbe & salted caramel cream and candid marshmallow.

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