Cafe Columbia
Kalyani Nagar, Pune

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1400 ₹ 1400 for two
 Cafe,Multicuisine Cafe,Multicuisine
Today, 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM


  • 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM

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North Court, Lane 12, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Insider Tips

  • There are delicious paninis to go with jasmine-lime or masala chai iced tea, such as chip butty (stuffed with fries), curried chicken-leek or turkey Swiss
  • Soup aficionados, note the options: creamy carrot, lentil, mushroom-ginger, prawn-corn chowder, cheese-bacon, lamb-zucchini, chicken sausage-red kraut and more
  • Besides a good list of coffee options, the establishment also serves authentic Colombian coffees when available. Given their global reputation, they are definitely worth a shot!


Outdoor Seating

Critic Rating

Shweta Speaks Writer & Journalist


The pleasant woodwork confines of this place are peppered with exotic paraphernalia as a reminder of its Latino USP. You could unwind here with a raspberry and blackcurrant smoothie and a bacon cheese omelette or akuri. Alternatively, sip on a tall toffee milkshake with the popular and loaded lamb burger or the curried soya with mint mayo option. The lemongrass, cranberry, or passion-fruit sodas, on the other hand, may go well with the anda rice, chicken curry rice, Goan fish curry rice, spicy kaleji or kheema pao (there is also a soya version of the latter). But, without a doubt, it is the Colombian specialties that are the highlight here – frijoles antioqueños (bean and lamb stew), arepa con chorizo (corn bread with meat sausage), patacon pisao (cheesy chicken in mushroom sauce on crisp plantain), camarones en apuro (Colombian-style prawns with garlic bread), regañonas (Colombian corn fritters) with sour cream, empanadas with papaya salsa and more! Other good mains include a sage-beurre blanc fish with creamy mash, sumptuous lamb stew with rice and Hawaiian chicken with pineapple and nasi goreng. End with the amazing dulce de leche, apple-cinnamon waffles, or caramel banana/Guatemalan honey-fruit pancakes – it is all (very) good.

User Reviews

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Posted on : 03 Aug, 2018
Delicious food

Cafe Colombia a place located on the most famous and happening street of Kalyani Nagar. This cafe is literally like a home for most of their customers as some of them visit this cafe daily to spend their quality time. The best thing about this cafe is that they don't use any MSG and PRESERVATIVES which makes the food healthier than other reputed restaurants. In this restaurant, i have tried eating a hell lots of food but still, my stomach was not filling full which is a good sign. They have also provided board games which will help you to spend your quality time with your friends and your loved ones. Now we will talk about the food that i had theirs. CACO SPECIAL LIIT : A perfectly measured drink having a proper proportion of spirit and energy drink. #highlyrecommended BACON &CHEESE SANDWICH : When i heard bacon i was very happy as i was expecting a pork bacon but they have chicken bacon which turned out to be really delicious and soul-satisfying. A bag of cheese was loaded inside the omelette which made it more delightful. The overall dish was a mixture of egg, bacon & cheese. The best part was that it was sided with slices of bread, ketchup & butter. MEDITERRANEAN COUSCOUS SALAD : Couscous is a Maghrebi dish of small steamed balls of crushed durum wheat semolina that is traditionally served with a stew spooned on top. The couscous salad i tried in here contained kidney beans, tomatoes, couscous, olives with lemon sprinkle and tossed in a good amount of olive oil. I loved this salad a lot. Its taste was perfect and soul-satisfying. BACON WRAPPED CHICKEN : Chicken is the love of my life. If you are a chicken lover like me then you should definitely try this kebab. The bacon used in here was a CHICKEN BACON which turned out to be my favourite. The bacon was perfectly cooked and the kebab which was been wrapped the bacon was extremely delicious. It was not too juicy but the flavours were perfectly compounded in the kebab. KHEEMA SLIDER : Kheema slider was like a burger filled with minced meat between the burger. The kheema was extremely juicy and the spices added to this kheema were in the perfect proportion which made it the best. Cheese, onion & kheema was filled between the buns to lift up its taste. A dip of a mustard sauce was provided which got well with this dish. BANDEJA PAISA : A humungous dish with lots of food items in it was very photogenic. This is an authentic Colombian dish which is the most recommended dish from this restaurant. The platter included the small bowl of rice, ground meat, lamb and bean gravy, sausage, chicken breast topped with barbeque sauce & fried banana. This platter was like a whole meal in one plate which was too delicious. HOMEMADE CURRY RICE : The most recommended dish from my side is this chicken curry. The curry was not too spicy and the spices were added in a perfect proportion. The consistency of the curry was also perfect and the chicken added in this gravy was also tender and well-cooked. We ordered this dish twice because cravings were not fully fulfilled. #highlyrecommended ITALIAN SIZZLER : Being an Italian dish this sizzler consists of mac & cheese pasta made in bell pepper sauce, corn nugget, spaghetti & and huge fries. The fries, nugget and pasta were too good in its taste but the spaghetti was lacking the little bit (minute departure) in its taste. The pasta was very juicy and creamy due to which its taste was lifted up to a next level.

Posted on : 30 Jul, 2018
A Café for the Community by the Community- Café Colombia

This place has some different vibe to it. Visiting this place, I still felt like I know this place for years. The feeling of community café was for real. People here come sit have their brunch or one drink chill a bit and go back to work. Talking about the prices, they were low compared to many places. The food had no preservatives, added colour so even after eating a lot I dint felt heavy and full. The food is totally good just some of the dishes need small improvement. No doubt that this is one of the good place in Kalyani Nagar.

Posted on : 29 Jul, 2018
Cafe Colombia - Where Bonds are made through Food

Cafe Colombia - Where Bonds are made. Cafe Colombia is one of the oldest cafes in Kalyani Nagar. It offers a wide range of food items and some Colombian specials to stick with the name. The cafe is very well known as Community cafe as they've created a family of customers which visits literally daily for food. I think this is the best achievement for a cafe which creates a separate bond with the customers. The most commendable thing after this is that they don't use any preservatives or colors in their food. Mostly you get full or feel heavy on stomach whenever you have a meal in the restaurant but here the situation was different. We had our meal and I was feeling normal, no heavy feeling or full stomach. I liked such cafe because they give your food which is made with love and true soul. The cafe is located on the well-known street of Jogger's Park in Kalyanagar area. They have an Indoor section with air conditioning and you can also opt for outdoor seating with a nice street view. They have set up a separate 2-3 tables on the right side area under the shade to utilize the space. I loved the interior as it's not classy or vibrant, it's simple as it gets and makes you feel comfortable around it. We had a variety of dishes in which most of them were superb and we actually surprised by some dishes which we never imagined to turned out so good. Let's start then - Bacon and cheese omelet - They don't serve Pork bacon which is my favorite. They have chicken bacon which isn't good as pork one but can do the work. The omelet was huge and had a good amount of filling inside it. It was given with Amul butter, tomato ketchup, hash brown and grilled tomato. The cheese which was used in it was super fresh and it had that nice cheese pull texture which added an extra happiness in our experience. The omelet had a nice amount of chicken bacon and it was crispy the entire package was pretty good and we enjoyed it. Mediterranean Couscous Salad - A bit different than a regular salad but quite effective. The salad didn't have that regular juicy texture but the taste was quite effective. The salad was full of different elements and it was a package of healthy food. It had kidney beans, couscous, tomato, olives with lemon sprinkle and tossed in a good amount of olive oil. The taste was perfect and we enjoyed having a salad. I don't usually prefer having salad as its too healthy but this one was a bit different. Bacon wrapped chicken - Medium crisp chicken bacon wrapped nicely around green mix marination. The chicken was bit dry and because of that it didn't compliment the bacon and overall taste went to dry side. The needed juiciness of chicken wasn't there. Kheema Slider - We had this dish after bacon wrapped chicken and I thought it will be dry to as it was looking like one. The slider concept is similar to wadapav where you get filling between buns with a nice slice of cheese. The kheema filling was best, as it was smooth and nicely minced and had a perfectly balanced taste. The kheema was juicy and it went well with cheese and onion slice. It was given with mustard sauce which I think is a perfect dip to go with kheema slider. Khow Suey - When it came on our table the texture of cream on top of it won our heart. Obviously, it was creamy but they added a bit of extra cream because of which it tasted sweet and extra creamy. Little less cream and a pinch of spice could've done the work. It wasn't getting the coconut taste also in it. We gave our feedback and they took it positively. This dish can be the best one with slight tweaks here and there. Bandeja Paisa - one of the most recommended dishes from Cafe Colombia. As I don't get a chance to travel more but I love to try new thing, this one was a must have for me. This is a Colombian Delicacy which is a complete package and easily makes you full. It's a Colombian platter which comes with a small bowl of rice, ground meat, lamb and bean gravy, sausage, chicken breast and a fried egg. It's a perfect meal which you will remember for a long time. The chicken breast was tossed in bbq sauce. The most interesting thing was the lamb and bean gravy, it had that distinct taste of spices used in it and it felt really good with the lamb. The ground meat was a medium minced meat which was spiced with some regular elements. It was too good and went well with the combination. I always love sausages and I find it good here too. We also had fried banana which I tried the first time. The platter had all different taste and texture elements which made it pretty unique. Homemade chicken curry rice - One of the best thing to try at cafe Colombia and this one surprised us with the perfect texture and taste. The curry was medium thick and had that bit watery texture to it which we get at home. The taste was so perfect that we ordered it again just to have that gravy. The taste was similar to the south Indian gravies so I think they've used some spiced from south Indian cuisine. The texture and taste were quite similar to the dalcha we usually eat. Highly recommended. Italian Sizzler - I usually see huge sizzler with lots of things in the pot which makes me not to order it as it's not easy to eat so many things for a single or two people. Here the Italian sizzler is their specialty and I can guarantee that its the best one. The sizzler had cream cheese chicken, mac and cheese in bell pepper sauce, corn cheese nugget ( a big one) and spaghetti with three huge fries. The sizzler didn't have too many elements but whatever it had were simply great. The chicken was cooked perfectly and tossed in cream cheese mixture. The mac and cheese tasted perfect as it was my first time I had such combination. I love spicy and that's why the bell pepper combination perfectly worked for me. It's a must order thing if you love Sizzler. Overall Verdict - I loved the entire food which we had here. The experience was exceptional. The positive friendly vibe you get here makes you stay more and visit again. A must visit place if you're in Kalyani Nagar Area.

Posted on : 29 Jul, 2018
Good food and music😍

Cafe colombia,a very apt place for people which is 7years old cafe,for people who love music and good food.I visited the place on Sunday which was literally whole crowded with the customers enjoying their sunday. The place has outdoor,indoor and upper seatings.The taste in music was soo good that I literally enjoyed my day there.The service of the staff is so prompt, courteous and well managed. The cafe is designed in a colombian theme with a set of posters on wall and a cute little bar counter indoors. Talking about food, What I had on my table- —Drinks— Caco special LIIT-A multi spirit drink tasted each and every spirit so well special of caco.One should definitely have the LIIT.#Recommended Blueberry soda-A blueberry flavoured soda one can opt for.They have many more flavoured soda.Loved the fizzy taste of the drink. Watermelon sangria-A watermelon flavoured white wine sangria with chopped watermelon chunks.The watermelon flavour was mild and wine was strong.Loved the new invention.#Recommended Mango smoothie-Newly added smoothie with nicely thick shake having mango flavoured.I personally think the mango flavour could have been more. Falooda shake-The falooda shake has nice saffron flavour with thick consistency and chia seeds added at the bottom. Tiramisu coffee-Tiramisu coffee is a new addition to the menu.The coffee had a good aroma and would have been more strong by my taste.The quantity was very perfect. —Salads— Cous cous salad-A salad tossed beautifully with cous cous mixed with grilled bell peppers added chicken chunks, kidney beans,chickpea in a balsamic dressing which gave a zesty and delicious taste.I never liked a salad until I had this one.❤️ #Recommended —Starters— Teriyaki chicken-The tanginess of teriyaki sauce was bit more else the chicken was perfectly cooked and fresh. Mini chicken burger-A cute set of bite-sized mini burgers having lettuce,crispy chicken patty,cheese slice accompanied with fries and mustard sauce.A good appetizer one can have with drinks. Kheema slider-Medium sized burgers with kheema of chicken and onions added gave a nice spicy taste.#Recommended —Pizza & sizzlers— Italian delight nonveg sizzler-The whole sizzler was a magic for me.Mac n cheese in bell pepper sauce won my heart,spicy spaghetti,creamy chicken chunks in white sauce and a corn potato ball.Everything was on point.The sizzler was truly amazing in its every kind.#highlyRecommended Capricciosa Pizza-A pizza with loads of melted mozzarella cheese I’d die for❤️Pizza tasted absolutely delicious but could have been a bit spicy.#Recommended —Maincourse— Homemade chicken curry with rice-A truly memorable chicken curry and delicious I’d like to definitely visit for this.The chicken curry was so amazing that we literally licked the bowl yet ordered twice.The gravy was nice thick and groundy with perfect spiced taste and medium spicy served with salad and rice.Its my personal favourite now.#highlyRecommended Khow suey-A excellent main course for one who loves burmese delicacies.A thick and creamy curry with noodles which outbursted coconut flavour very well having various condiments on side.A must try in mains.#highlyRecommended —Columbian specialities— Bandeja paisa-A special and unique columbia’s platter which meat lovers would definitely love it.A complete heaven for lamb lover and obviously one cannot finish it at all.The platter can be shared between 2-3 people easily.A must try dish in the cafe.#highlyRecommended —Desserts— Sizzling brownie with icecream-A moist sizzling brownie with icecream and a yummy chocolate sauce poured generously had a really good dessert combo. Peanut butter chocolate waffle-A soft warm waffles spread with peanut butter and chocolate sided with whipped cream.😋Waffles were really soft and tasted amazing. Blueberry pancakes-Pancakes were freshly baked and warm poured with blueberry sauce. Overall,a must place for people who believe in good food good life.A chill cafe where one can get everything delicious in food better in drinks for couples and families too. Iam so coming back for the Homemade chicken curry,pizza and sizzlers.😍 Thankyou Mrs.Meetu for having us over.

Posted on : 15 Jun, 2018
Chilli chicken is a must try!!

If you are looking for a chilled out place with delicious food and top notch service then this is the place to visit! Their coffees are outstanding and the chilli chicken is to die for! The owners are very passionate about their cafe and a reflection of that shows in their quality of food and service! Must must visit!

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About Cafe Columbia, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Cafe Columbia is a very good hangout located in Lane 12 Near Joggers Park, Kalyani Nagar in Pune. It is one of the most popular eating joints in the city. This chic restaurant boasts of modern decor and cool ambience. You get a welcoming feel once you step in this restaurant. The seating is simple and there is nothing flashy about the place. The menu is limited but whatever is served is tasty. The place has been featured in 20 Great Ways to Start Your Day and Great Coffee Collections. Board games are available which add to the décor of the place. It is open from 10.00 A.M to 11.30 PM.

The menu includes American, Continental and Fast food items. Breakfast menu and smoothies are particularly popular. You must try out Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Blueberry Waffle, Lamb Stew, Stuffed Crumbed Mushrooms and Buerre Blanc Fish etc. The pastas and pizzas are simple too good. All dishes are prepared using choicest of ingredients. The chef pays attention to all minute details. The place is good if you go with small group of friends. Full Bar facility is available. It boasts of a very good collection of wines. Sangria is also available.

The service is prompt and staff is well mannered and alert. The pricing is decent as per the portion size which is served. A meal for two people costs around INR 800. Pint of beer is available for INR 160. Atmosphere is quite laid back and an evening in Café Columbia gives you a good feel. This place is not noisy like usual cafes and you can come here to relax after a hectic day. It is better to get your reservation done in advance as the place is usually heavily booked.

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