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N 1, N Block Market, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi
786 100 4444
For two : Rs 1000

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22 /30
Bohemia Reviewed by Eazydiner Critic


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Phantom Speaks

Casual, effortlessly trendy and offering a complete package of food, service and ambience, this is one of the newest entrants into the Greater Kailash N Block Market. Although the cuisine is Med-Italian, there are dishes from all over the region, from Warm Goat Cheese in Vine Leaf to Tapas Tasting Plate Seafood. The food is good, but more than that, it can be shared by a part of people and washed down with a surprisingly good and varied wine list, as well as cocktails and mocktails made with cold-pressed juice.

Insider Tips on Bohemia

  • A personal favourite is the Seafood Linguini
  • Off mealtimes, sit on the tiny terrace and nurse a healthy fruit and vegetable juice
  • The lift can be accessed from the back lane entrance

Map of Bohemia, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, South Delhi

Map of Bohemia

User Reviews on Bohemia, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, South Delhi

  • Calm and cozy cafe at Bohemia

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 04 Sep, 2016

    Great place to work or take a break post work. They have wifi and the staff is polite. Thankfully it doesn't get too loud like the other cafes in the neighborhood. Light music, vibrant ambience and nice food and cocktails.

    The tapas platters are a good bet with a couple of glasses of sangria.

    The desserts are outsourced to a brand, a couple of the chocolate ones are to die for

  • Anuja Sawhney
  • Place needs to pick up ! at Bohemia

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 26 Feb, 2016

    Decor is very tasteful, overall ambience is good ..
    Staff is trained and very hospitable.
    But no people :( We visited on a weekend at 9pm and there was not a soul on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor had 2 families only !
    Anyways, we enjoyed the yum food.
    I do wish this place would pick up coz it truly is a good restaurant with good food.

  • Excellent taste !! at Bohemia

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 07 Dec, 2015

    We went in a cold December night and found the place warm and welcoming.It's a nice cosy place with good service . The Italian food is too yummy and perfect in taste !! Wow , loved the place . Will definitely visit again .Don't miss the chicken lasagna and the minestrone soup . In most of the Italian joints, the names of the dishes are too complicated to follow, but here , the names of the menu are easy and readable !!

  • A place worth a candle light dinner at Bohemia

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 31 Oct, 2015

    This restaurant hides behind buildings and shies away from the world, while unaware of the beauty it possess. The decor to the place was romantic and beautiful, though the loud music undermined that ambience. The drinks were unusual and quite low on alcohol, but special with the watermelon fused strawberry crush and alcohol giving out the perfect blend. The food was delicious and served to please your palate. Although, the features it possessed was compromised by a heavy price tag on things. But, it is a place which is recommended if you have the perfect company by your side, and are on a date or an anniversary with no worries about the expense, but just out to have a magical evening (although sit away from the speakers). Well, I was in the mood, and it bode well for me.

  • Renee Chopra
  • Alright ish at Bohemia

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 15 Sep, 2015

    Last Sunday I decided to check out the much talked about Bohemia. The ambience had a nice positive vibe. We were then served some hard bread with an olive dip which was
    absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately that was the only silver lining, here comes the cloudy part. I ordered the tapas tasting platter which included a charmoula chicken, lamb, chicken wings and pita bread( the only saviour) The entire platter was cold and rather sad just like the dips (hummus, baba ganoush, tzatziki). The tahini seemed to have been served straight from a pre packed. bottle. The desert was your regular soft centred chocolate pudding which wasn't bad at all. Overall if I was asked to go again, I might for the ambience and olive dip.

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