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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Woodside Inn's Beer And Burger Festival In Mumbai

This Beer And Burger Festival In Mumbai Is A Must-Visit

18 Aug, 2017 by Roxanne Bamboat

This Beer And Burger Festival In Mumbai Is A Must-Visit

Woodside Inn has always been a trendy spot in Mumbai. Every year they have their own Beer and Burger festival and this year marks their 10th edition! Plenty of reasons to go and mostly all having to do with the fact that this restaurant in Mumbai serves amazing food. Here are our top 5 reasons why this year's festival is an absolute must!

Awesome Veggie Burgers

Let us be honest, vegetarians always get a raw deal when it comes to eating out specially when the show stopper of a dish is meat based. Fear not, this funky festival has some amazing veggie options and no we are not talking about a generic vegetable or beetroot patty. Their very own Shroom Fest is a parmesan crusted Portobello mushroom stuffed with Montary Jack, a drop of truffle essence and comes with red cabbage slaw and sweet potato fries. There is also an innovative one called Spuds N Quinoa Excess with sweet potato, quinoa, cottage cheese, gouda and pickled green bhavnagiri chilies. 

Beer, Beer, And More Beer

Who does not want beer! And when you have access to some of the coolest international ones along with our own local brews, what could be better? The festival actually kicked off as a great way to introduce the city to some popular international brands and every year the mix changes. This year sees some well known international brands and plenty of our own craft beer from two local breweries, Gateway Brewing Co and Independence Brewing Co.

Burgers Gone Wild - Soft Shell Crab And Duck?

While the world is obsessing over that perfect beef patty, Woodside Inn has gone way past that and compiled some great burgers this year including their own La Dolce Duck and Crab Carnival. A confit duck leg with hoisin sauce, a fried egg, and crispy chicken skin is a far cry from a regular chicken burger. Move over fillet-o-fish, there's a new catch in town. The Crab Carnival is a delightful tempura fried soft shell crab that will change the way you look at seafood based burgers.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Every year the restaurant partners up with a local brewery and creates a special brew for the festival. This year alongside the Gateway Brewing Co, they have come up with two signature beers that are distinctly different from each other in terms of colour, taste or even texture and aptly called Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. While one is a Wheat Ale the other is Belguim Ale but both work well depending on how strong or mild you like your beer.

Vegans Rejoice 

While Vegetarians get a small choice, most of the time restaurants completely forget their vegan patrons. Woodside Inn is having none of that this beer and burger festival and have their very own Vegan Debauchary. The burger is made with black rice, edamame, cilantro and cashew cheese and is a delight from the usual vegetarian burger smothered in cheese or paneer. It is not every day you find a vegan burger so make the most of this one! 

These are just a few of the highlights from this year's Beer and Burger Festival but to fully experience it, make sure you head to any of the three Woodside Inn outlets in Colaba, Andheri West or Lower Parel before August 27th which is when the festival comes to an end.

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Written By

Better known as the Tiny Taster, Roxanne is an internationally respected blogger and expert on the Mumbai food scene. She has hosted many events, including the Upper Crust Food & Wine Show and travels the world, sharing her knowledge and gaining more experience.

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