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7 Best Butter Chicken Inspired Dishes In Mumbai

Some of the best dishes inspired by everyone's favourite - Butter Chicken!

31 May, 2018 by Roxanne Bamboat

Some of the best dishes inspired by everyone's favourite - Butter Chicken!

Forget the carbs, fat and all these diets that everyone is obsessing about. When you are craving that big bowl of hearty comfort food, there can be nothing more satisfying than a steaming heap of creamy butter chicken. This North Indian treat has become a craze in Mumbai with every second restaurant serving their own version. For most, Butter Chicken is eaten with Naan or Roti but these are a few places that are taking this humble butter chicken and incorporating it in some very funky dishes. Do not knock it till you try it!

Butter Chicken Baos

While Baos are traditionally Chinese style buns with a filling, Farzi Cafe has taken this Chinese dish and ' farzified ' it by swapping the pork belly stuffing with a more local favourite. These Butter Chicken Baos are bite-sized pieces of heaven and are a great appetizer to kick off your meal. The soft bun used for these baos is a great replacement for a naan or roti and once you start, you will find these to be addictive. 

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Butter Chicken Roll

Saransh Goila has single-handedly made Butter Chicken cool again. His signature brand Goila Butter Chicken has become a household name and if you follow him on social media you will see how often they run out of orders. Apart from the main butter chicken, he has managed to infuse it into a roll and boy oh boy is this the most satisfying lip-smacking roll you will ever eat!

Butter Chicken Pizza

If you can put anchovies and pineapple on a pizza, Butter Chicken should not come as a surprise to anyone. Joey's Pizza who has a serious reputation for supplying the very best pizzas in the suburbs is giving butter chicken lovers a reason to celebrate. Butter chicken, onion, coriander and what they call their tandoori sauce is smeared all over the pizza which is then generously topped with cheese and once it is out of the oven, it is a pure perfection. If you are a fan of their BBQ Chicken or Chicken Tikka Pizza, then you are going to love this butter chicken one.

Butter Chicken Biryani

A Butter Chicken Biryani can be found at most places, more so those that are home delivery outlets specialising in all sorts of biryani. The one that really seems to stand out, however, is surprisingly found at the popular pub chain Social which is known for their fun take on popular dishes. The Butter Chicken Biryani tends to get lost among other dishes on the menu like Chicken Triple Schezuan or a Goan Prawn Curry but without a doubt, it is one of their best.

Butter Chicken Bunny Chow

It is not common to find a Bunny Chow on many menus but the one at 145 at both their outlets in Kalaghoda and Bandra is incredible. A big hunk of bread bun is hollowed out in the middle and stuffed with the creamiest butter chicken giving this South African favourite a nice desi twist. You do not need any extra naan to mop it up, the bread it sits in works well and it makes for a very satisfying meal.

Butter Chicken Risotto

Risottos are crowd pleasers and for the most part are heavy cream and cheese induced. This time The Bar Stock Exchange is giving their Italian Risotto a buttery Indian twist. The bowl of cooked creamy Arborio Rice is flavoured with a thick luscious butter chicken gravy and pieces of chicken. It is the best of both worlds and while purists might turn their nose up, it is delicious and regulars cannot seem to get enough of it.

Butter Chicken Burger

It might seem hard to include Butter Chicken in a burger, but the folks at Coffee Culture have cracked it. It can get a little messy while eating but that spicy creamy butter chicken wrapped in between a burger bun is completely worth it. The burger comes with a small side portion of French Fries which are perfect to dip into some of the thick gravy. It is an unusual combination, but, it is a comfort food at its best.

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Better known as the Tiny Taster, Roxanne is an internationally respected blogger and expert on the Mumbai food scene. She has hosted many events, including the Upper Crust Food & Wine Show and travels the world, sharing her knowledge and gaining more experience.

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