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Mumbai's 5 Best Places For Desserts With A Savoury Twist
Mumbai's 5 Best Places For Desserts With A Savoury Twist | EazyDiner Food Trends

Mumbai's 5 Best Places For Desserts With A Savoury Twist

Treat Yourself To Desserts With Savoury Notes

09 Feb, 2017 by Mini Ribeiro

Treat Yourself To Desserts With Savoury Notes

We all love our desserts to be sweet in order to satiate our sweet cravings, but at times, a savoury twist enhances the experience. A savoury addition to the desserts cuts the usual sweetness and opens the palate to a wider range of flavours. Naturally then, you enjoy the desserts even more. Mumbai offers desserts aplenty, but there are a few places that have some gastronomically interesting ones with a savoury element, which make them stand out among others. 

212 All Good, Lower Parel

This newly opened vibrant café not only serves great food but unusual desserts too. The mouth-watering pumpkin pie with salted jaggery caramel is unique, as the complex flavours of the pumpkin pie are enhanced by the salted jaggery caramel. This sweet and savoury dessert perks up the taste buds instantly. With a bit of innovation and tweaking, Chef Paul Kinny has managed to create an interesting dessert.  

Olive Bar and Kitchen, Bandra

The description may sound complicated, but the flavours of this dessert are certainly not. This recent inclusion on the new menu - hazelnut dacquoise, hazelnut chocolate mousse and custard, crispy choux pastry with salty feta ice cream and balsamic reduction is nothing you can ever imagine. The rich ingredients are well-balanced, with the salty feta ice cream, and the balsamic reduction adding that extra dimension of flavours. The combination is truly matchless. 

Glocal Junction, Worli

Enjoy your meals here, but save place for the fun desserts with a desi twist. Flavours of a masala chai served in the form of a panna cotta, topped with Parle-G crumble and Khari twist. Indeed, the masala chai pannacotta is a dessert that not only pleases the eyes but also the palate. The tea flavours are distinct but not overpowering and lend themselves beautifully to the luscious pannacotta.

Yauatcha, BKC Mumbai

This place never ceases to amaze you with its unique menu offerings. A bite into the pomegranate yoghurt gateau is enough to set your taste buds in a tizzy. The fruity flavours mesh well with the tangy yoghurt and impart the perfect balance to this creamy dessert, making it even more enjoyable.

The Sassy Spoon, Juhu

Brownies may sound passé, but this one is not. The salted caramel brownie with soft salted caramel sandwiched between layers of Belgian chocolate is a treat; no dessert lover can miss. Even those who do not fancy chocolate can relish this as the salted caramel filling adds a unique flavour to this otherwise gooey brownie.

So, give in to your guilty pleasures and indulge in desserts as these are not cloyingly sweet anymore, but with savoury ingredients boast of new and unexpected flavours. 

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