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Desserts with a kick

18 Jan, 2015 by Navni Kumar

Desserts with a kick

When you mix the playful kick of alcohol with the delicious sweetness of your favourite petit fours, be prepared to taste a whole new world. Here’s a round-up of some of the most deliciously spiked desserts in the city:

Kahlua chocolate mousse cake
Coffee and chocolate is an age-old winning combination. Replace the regular brew with rum-based coffee liqueur Kahlua and the result is nothing short of a miracle. The creaminess of the rich dark chocolate in sync with the tipsiness of the sweet, slick liqueur will have you begging for more. Get your fill at Whipped.
Old Monk chocolate cake
This one has a large number of takers. Monkey Bar’s signature dessert is perhaps one of the best ways you could end a meal with. Quirkily called the Old Monkey, it comprises a basic chocolate pound cake as its base with bits of caramel and whipped cream on top. Served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, the flavour of the rum is subtle yet unmistakeable. 

Bailey’s lollipop
The Irish cream liqueur is best enjoyed on the rocks, but is also found in desserts all over the world. Farzi Café, instead of doing a regular cheesecake or mousse, lends it a cool twist and thus we get the Bailey’s lollipop – a molecular take on the popsicle. With an uncanny resemblance to the much-loved kulfi, these little sticks do more than just beat the heat.    

Shaahi Jaam  
Combine street food with vodka and you get the Shaahi Jaam at 21 Gun Salute. Essentially a chuski, it consists of shaved ice seeped in vodka, rooh afza, lime juice and black salt, making it the perfect sweet-and-sour end to your meal.

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