Flying Duck Co.
Baner, Pune

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Restaurant Information

1000 ₹ 1000 for two
 European,Pan Asian European,Pan Asian
Today, 12:00 PM to 03:30 PM, 07:00 PM to 12:00 AM


  • 12:00 PM to 03:30 PM
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Shop 12-13, D Building, Park Grandeur, Balewadi High Street, Baner, Pune

Insider Tips

  • Please do not leave the restaurant without trying the Signature 'Pork Chops'
  • The restaurant offers a great Sunday Brunch with limitless food and drinks that you must watch out for
  • The ‘Khao Suey’ and ‘Tonkotsu Ramen’ are some signature dishes which you can not miss

Restaurant Features

Home Delivery
Alcohol Served
Smoking area
Credit cards
Air Condition
Outdoor Seating
Live Music
Valet Parking
Baby Seat
Wheelchair Accessible
Match Screening
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Critic Rating

Manish Speaks Pastry Chef | Food Photographer | @khaanapeenaetc on Instagram


This restaurant began its journey a few years ago and it soon became one of the most popular places to eat 'Pork Chops' and 'Seared Duck'. The restaurant has a really appealing ambience and seating arrangement, the service is top notch but the food does take a while to be at your table. This is also because they pull off some really great tasting dishes so, little patience goes a long way! The Asian influence on the menu is quite a lot and you’ll notice all of the dishes are mainly inspired from different parts of Asia. Surely, there is a selection of menu that offers pasta as well and that’s nicely done too but the major attraction is the Ramen and other Asian grub. The appetizers are good too, a varied choice of ‘French Fries topped with Chicken’ and some choice of other sauces, or the ‘Chicken Tenders made Vietnamese style’ or the ‘Pork Chops with sticky sauce’: they are all delicious. The large plates include Duck made with sticky BBQ Sauce that is served with a side salad and radish cured with vinegar and salt. All of these are some really simple things but they add a whole lot of fun to the diner’s experience. The drinks include some classics like 'Bloody Mary', 'Whisky Sour' and similar others while there are some healthy choices on the menu as well. Those include Smoothies made with Banana, Apple, Spinach and Peanut butter, they do not have any added sugar which is a good thing albeit the focus of the restaurant is nowhere close to ‘sugar-free’. The choice of desserts is limited and the simplicity persists there too. ‘Classic Tiramisu’ is a certain choice many of you would love. The other few things include ‘Chocolate and Orange Mousse’ and ‘Mango Panna Cotta’.

User Reviews of Flying Duck Co., Baner, Pune

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(4.5) Overall Rating (Based on 15 reviews)

Posted on : 21 Mar, 2019
No words for my experience.

If there were more than 5 stars, I would have given those too!! it's more like 10/5. Every once in a while you come across places which are innovative and perfect in their own stuff that your mind is blown right from the first dish and just forget where you are, who you are and start devouring the dishes one after another! Exactly something similar happened with me on my recent visit to Flying Duck. One of those rare food places which serve you a humongous 12-page menu consisting of all sorts of meat and veggies which is rare in the city. The service! The presentation! The variety! the innovation! the desire to step out of comfort zone and serve the city something different and better! Top notch! Just stop reading here and visit this place already and trust me, you would think, why didn't I come here earlier! Located on Balewadi highstreet, you just cant miss this place. The place has a bar and quite big sitting arrangement. Place also provides exciting offers on liquor and food based on the day of the week. What I had here : .  Cous Cous salad : Fresh pieces of watermelon and papaya mixed with Cous Cous resulting into one of the best salads I recently had. The freshness and the herbs took this to another level.  . Oink oink tikka : Pork tikkas with a nice portion of meat on its side charred cooked to a mouth melting dish. The not so spicy dish is the best of someone who wants to dive deep pork meat.  . Asparagus wrapped in panko and veggies: Asparagus never tasted this good!! The presentation was so good, you didn't feel like messing up the symmetry and eat.!! Asparagus sticks were wrapped in minced veggies and deep fried with a panko coating. It was crispy on the outside and dense and moist from the inside with Asparagus at its core. . South East Asian chickpea curry : One of the best comfort dishes out there to have after you are completely sloshed or otherwise. Curry had some Thai inspired flavors with a strong cinnamon taste at the start. Curry was served with rice and trust me, you just can't stop at one bite. . Barbecue spare ribs with garlic mash: What a fine cut of pork! Perfect amount of meat along with fat layer, cooked perfectly with secret sauce and served with a potato garlic mash. The juices literally oozed out with every cut I made to the rib. The combo was so deadly!! Just go and have it! . Kathmandu noodles : Something inspired from the streets of Kathmandu, tangy noodles along with black channa and green chickpeas and topped with a half-cooked omelet. Tasted really different and personally for me hit the sweet spot between home and street food. . . Agnolotti in alfredo sauce: Hands down, this was the best agnolotti pasta that I ever had! Period.Stuffed pasta with perfected sauce was served literally on wood! The presentation literally blew my mind and so did the taste. . . Chocolate mousse: With a mild hint of alcohol and dense chocolate, I loved the mousse. . Overall : Flying duck just earned a regular customer with my first visit! Exceptionally good dishes and service. Service was quick and the table was cleaned real fast as soon as I finished the dish. Staff was polite and explained the dish quite well. WIth huge portion size in each dish. you get European, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese etc along with different meats like buff, chicken and pork, all this under one roof which makes this place really unique and promises to satisfy all your hunger pangs.

kavita y
Posted on : 21 Mar, 2019
This place is worth the hype

There are few places which create hype as soon as they step their foot into the industry and makes you curious and amused about themselves. Well, Flying Duck co. is one such name that has already made good repo in the current food industry. All I have heard about this place is good. And it wasn’t just their ambiance or service or theme which created so much hype about this place. It was the basic thing which is food, that has made buzz about this place. There was not a single person who has been to this place and said anything below than awesome about it. And that finally convinced me to give this place a shot. Also, to see if it is worth that hype. So, I went to experience it by myself. ‘Flying Duck Co.’ is in Balewadi, Park Grandeur Street. The place is quite huge and looks beautiful too. I really liked their bar counter which was LIT in every sense. Also, their interiors are done very nicely. One sculpture of 3 men climbing up on stairs was something which literally drew my attention as it looked real. Also, their lounge section which has got huge sofas and a chandelier makes this place even more beautiful. Loved the fact that how beautifully they have used black and red color in that area. It was amusing. Talking about their food, the place specializes in modern Asian and European cuisine. The place somehow manages to serve authentic cuisine of respective places and offer variety in that. And it’s just not their food which is good, but they have some signature cocktails which they claimed to be good as well. Well, I have tried both and to explain it in a brief manner, I am penning down my experience below. Starting with their cocktails, these are the drinks which I have tried there- 01. JUNGLE GYPSY: It was a vodka-based cocktail which was sour and strong in taste. It had a fruity punch as well. People who like Vodka, this cocktail is perfect for you. 02. CITRUS MARTINI: This was again a Vodka-based cocktail. As the name suggests, it had flavor of citrus giving it a nice sweet and sour taste. 03. FLYING BEE: This had a base of gin. It was basically made of Double Bombay Sapphire with punch of orange juice. It had a nice and refreshing taste. 04. SUPER BOWL: I am not a beer person but the moment I tried this drink, I instantly fell in love with it. This cocktail had a base of beer along with fresh fruits like strawberry, cucumber, kiwi and citrus. This cocktail was dope and super refreshing. An ideal cocktail one should try to beat the heat. Talking about their food, these all are the dishes which I have tried there- 01. COUS COUS & MELON SALAD: One of my favourite salad there. This was made from quinoa which I’m not very fond of but somehow I liked this one. It had quinoa, cherry tomatoes and melon. It had a good taste. 02. GREEK COUNTRY CHICKEN SALAD: This was another good salad. This salad had all the healthy ingredients like tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, Greek seasoning along with chicken chunks which was topped with crumbled feta cheese. I liked this salad. 03. ASPARAGUS WRAPPED IN PANKO & VEGGIES: Fresh asparagus stems which were drenched in panko and stuffed with mix vegetables and nuts and cooked to perfection. This tasted crispy and crunchy from outside but had a soft stuffing inside and had a golden brown color. This had a mild taste and also its presentation was on point. 04. SHRIMP ON SUGARCANE: These shrimps were really good. Shrimps which were minced on sugarcane and later grilled to perfect until it gets that golden brown color. This was crispy. It was served with Thai chilli sauce. 05. AGNOLOTTI IN ALFREDO SAUCE: One of the finest pasta I have had so far. By the presentation, it looked nothing like pasta as their presentation for this was on top notch. They have served it on a wooden plank which was beautiful. Agnolotti are basically pasta squares which are stuffed with a variety of fillings like small ravioli. These Agnolotti were cooked in Alfredo sauce which was creamy and cheesy. It had broccoli and cherry tomatoes along side. Simply loved this pasta. 06. PAN SEARED ASIAN SEA BASS WITH SHITAKE: The Asian sea bass which was sautéed in teriyaki and Shitake. Here Shitake means a kind of mushroom mostly found in Japan and China. The glaze of this dish was enough to temp me. It was cooked perfectly and was really flavourful. 07. CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: Rich and gooey mousse made of finest dark chocolate was something which was really delish with perfect level of sweetness. 08. BOOZY TIRAMISU: This one had a rum in it but somehow I missed that strong coffee factor which makes it a little bitter in this tiramisu. Rest it was pretty decent. Final verdict about this place is that it literally lived Upto my expectations. And the hype this place has created, is completely worth it. Their food, their service, their presentation, everything was on top notch. I loved every bit of this place. Ratings- FOOD: 5/5 AMBIANCE: 5/5 SERVICE: 5/5 A must try place. Thank you Flying Duck Co. :)

Posted on : 19 Mar, 2019
Great Place Great Food !!

Located in Balewadi High Street flying duck is famous as it serves pork and also delicious meat . They have indoor as well as outdoor seating . As they say "Variety is the spice of life" just like that they have a huge variety both in drinks ans food. Talking about food , let me share my experience ❄Asian Asparagus Soup (Chicken) - Asian inspired soup , high in viscosity and rich in oriental flavour its simple and perfect choice to start with. Priced at Rs.290 ❄Cous Cous & Melon Salad - Want to Kickstart the summer with some healthy and great food than this is the one . Tiny steamed balls of semolina flour i.e cous cous with watermelon and papaya . You just cant go wrong with it . Priced at Rs.350 ❄Asparagus Wrapped In Panko & Veggies - All the vegetatians out there this fancy looking dish is for you . Asparagus enfolded in minced veggies and fried panko bread . Perfectly cooked with mild flavours . One of the unique dish i have tried . Priced at Rs.410 ❄ Agnollotti In Alfredo Sauce - Agnolotti is a type of pastaade with small piece of flattened pasta dough folded over a filling of chopped spinach and white sauce with alfredo sauce . Usually i am not a pasta person but this dish had me . Not to be missed at all Priced at Rs.450 ❄ Tiramisu - Classic coffee flavoured italian dessert . It was fluffy and firm , sweet and bitter . It had rum in ut and was silky smooth leaving you craving for more Priced at Rs.380 ❄ Chocolate Mousse - The ultimate chocolate fix which is equally delicious and versatile . It was rich , light and stable . Perfect chocolate delight to have !! Priced at Rs.280 Should you visit this place - Definitely Yes !!

Posted on : 16 Mar, 2019

Flying duck co is a huge restaurant in balewadi high streets which has a pretty ambiance with indoor as well as outdoor seating,the outdoor seating is mostly a smoking area and the indoor seating is non smoking area,they even have a sofa type seating for large groups at one corner of the restaurant which allows you to sit like a king and enjoy your food and drink ,the place a pretty bar which serves different types of unique mocktails and cocktails,they have a vast bar menu which gives you lot of different options to choose. The place serves Asian, European and Italian cuisine but they don't serve your regular food they have done lots of twist and innovation in your regular food,some innovations are beyond imagination and are at another level of goodness,the place has huge 11-15 pages of food menu which gives you so many options that your mood lifts up and most of the dishes are so unique that you will get that dish only at flying duck co and no elsewhere in town,the hardwork done by the entire team from ingredients used in the dish to it's presentation and taste with different flavours can be easily seen as soon as the dish comes on your table. The service of this place is at a very high standards,the staff clears you plate and cleans your table as soon as you finish your one dish and ask's wether you want to change your plate or not for another dish,the staff brings your food to the table in very less time and also helps you helps you in deciding what to order and which is the best dish of the restaurant. Coming on to the food items which i tried here: 1)COUS COUS AND MELON SALAD:This salad had moist cous cous mixed with pieces of watermelon and papaya,the watermelon and papaya were absolutely fresh and the salad was too good in taste never thought such that a salad can taste this good. 2)ASPARAGUS WRAPPED IN PANKO & VEGGIES:This was asparagus wrapped in crispy fried panko bread and minced veggies served with garlic sauce,the dish had a nice crispy texture and mild flavours of the veggies and the presentation was also too good that i didn't even wanted to disturb the dish by touching it a great dish for vegetarians. 3)SHRIMP ON SUGARCANE:This was minced shrimp wrapped on sugarcane stick and served with thai chilly sauce and was grilled to perfection,the shrimp was very well minced and soft and the thai chilly sauce came really good with the shrimp,this dish was too flavourful and had a really good taste and texture. 4)OINK OINK TIKKA:This was boneless pork which was marinated in basic spices and was charred so good that it had charred marks on it,the pork literally melted in the mouth and was so flavourful and moist that there was a boom of flavours in mouth.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 5)PAN SEARED ASIAN SEA BASS WITH SHITAKE:This was asian sea bass sauteed in teriyaki sauce and slices of shitake,the fish was really well cooked and fresh,the shitake and fish together came really good on taste with balanced flavours. 6)SOUTHEAST ASIAN CHICKPEA CURRY:This was simple curry with a good flavour of cinnamon and served with rice,the curry had a thick consistency and the rice was soft and fluffy this is a comfort food but the flavours and taste were out of the world.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 7)BARBEQUE SPARE RIBS WITH GARLIC MASH:This was pork rib flavoured with a barbeque sauce and served with mash potato,the sauce had a thick consistency and the pork rib was very well cooked,the mash potato was creamy and soft,the mash potato and the pork rib together came really good,this dish was too good and delicious which literally suprised us that how can a dish can be made with this perfection and flavour.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 8)AGNOLOTTI IN ALFRED SAUCE:This was something really great innovation and out of the world pasta,this was pasta fresh pasta stuffed with alfredo sauce mixed with chopped spinach and white sauce,the presentation was dam good even the flavours and taste was really good.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 9)CHOCOLATE MOUSSE:This was perfectly set choclate mousse with a bit of alcohol in it,the chocolate mousse had a balanced sweetness and alcohol which was really good. Top five reasons to visit this place: 1)This place serves the dishes which are not available in town. 2)This place serves enough portion size of the dishes which fill's stomach. 3)The place serves Asian, European, Italian cuisine so you get all three different types of cuisine in one place which is very rare. 4)The place has huge menu which gives you lot of options to choose from. 5)The place makes the food with perfection which doesn't make any dish average by which the place never disappoint.

Posted on : 17 Jan, 2019
Lunch at Flying Duck

Eating at Flying Duck was on my bucket list for a long time as I had heard about the ambrosial cuisine but realized that it was at the original location when it was a much smaller restaurant. It has since moved to a larger location in a row with several other eateries in Balewadi High Street which is a fair trek from Yerwada. Last month I ate lunch there. I was keen on having the celebrated pork chops. Alas, there were none to be had on the day I visited. The owner even said that he had lost several covers because of the missing pork. Despite the disappointment, I stayed. For an appetizer, I ordered grilled fish in chilli mustard. My main course was grilled quail with bok choy and noodles. A fresh lime soda rounded out the meal. The fish looked appetizing but a first bite and my mouth stung. Far too many chillies. Gingerly, I attempted another bite and then gave up defeated. The dish was removed. Fortunately I wasn't charged for it. While waiting for the quail, I decided to have cheese less garlic bread. A mistake again as it also was fiery hot. I could see the suspicious diced red chiliies scattered all over. I asked the server why there were too many chillies in a lot of the dishes in Pune? Spices add flavour and chillies heat and these should be proportionate so that eating is enjoyable. Before he could answer, the quail arrived. This was a large dish and now I was very hungry so started eating. The bird was plentiful and I enjoyed the bok choy. I would have preferred the noodles to have a little more bite. The gravy was seeping oil. Dessert choices were limited. I chose Tiramisu which took a long time to arrive and was luscious. The interior of Flying Duck Co. is large and there is a bar in front as one enters. Even though there were two long tables filled with an office party, the waiters standing by seemed to be oblivious as to the condition of my table and did not wipe it down. The music was upbeat. The washroom was dismal and needs to be refurbished and working properly. I still dream about having the pork chops that I missed. Maybe one day I will return.

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