Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

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Cocktail Menu
Today, 12:00 PM to 01:00 AM
Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Phase 2, Gurgaon
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  • If you are with a group and looking for value for money, try the bongtails, the purple haze being the unanimous favourite amongst the regulars
  • They have happy hours from 12 pm to 9 pm throughout the week on all IMFL and IMFL-based cocktails in which case the LIIT is most recommended
  • Their weeknights also get packed quickly, so come early to find your favourite seat

Pledging allegiance to legends like Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix, this Caribbean-themed lounge with its witty signage, cheerful ambience, spacious patio and comfortable couch seating makes for the perfect place to enjoy an evening with friends. The beverages and food strike a good balance between conventional and innovative. Drinks like the Chocolate Kiss and Real Me pack a sweet but potent punch and grow on you with every sip. Dishes like the creole chicken with silky garlic mashed potatoes and tangy sauce and the Caribbean grilled cheese with bacon are stuffed with an abundance of molten cheese. The karaoke night and live gigs only add to the overall experience.

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Winston R
Posted on : 14 Nov, 2017
Found a great Raasta towards World cuisine

Every once in a while you walk into a restaurant and immediately know you’re going to like it. One step into Raasta and I knew it was on. The Feel Good Factor seeped into my veins. Sign me up, pour me a drink, and feed me Caribbean chicken strips all night long bartender, LET’S DO THIS. I found Raasta the way I always find the best restaurants no one else is talking about – through one of you loyal Zomato readers. This cyber spot is beautiful in stature – they have good amount seats – but huge on personality. Raasta is an authentic World cuisine restaurant owned and operated by a North Indian, with excellent cocktails and a chef with serious skills. This restaurant may not be winning awards anytime soon, but it’s one you need to know about.The menu at Raasta is made up of modern upscale foods and the dishes are very good – better than they need to be. You’ll find excellent Caribbean chicken strips, an awesome alfredo, and some of the better Sea Food starters around. But my real enthusiasm for Raasta springs from the fact that it is the ultimate neighborhood hang. It’s the kind of place you’re psyched to return to, so it makes sense that pretty much everyone at Raasta on any night of the week are regulars. They know the bartender with by name and treat him like family.Need a good low commitment idea for a first date? Raasta is your move. (And nab the bar booth seat situation in the corner.) How about a reasonably priced place to catch up with your friends over drinks and maybe a little dinner? Yup, Raasta is good for that too. Out late on the green park and need a nightcap and some Sea Food indulgence? They serve a bar menu till 12 Monday through Saturday. Raasta is the modern version of classical retaurant. It’s a restaurant run by a small team of super dedicated people who truly care about their food and their customers. It’s under-the-radar, and yet the people who know, know. That’s how it is. Well, you know.Food Rundown be like, CARIBBEAN CHICKEN STRIPS – This turned out to be another unimaginable appetizer, a Caribbean spice based fried chicken exhibits a juicy and quite spicy taste. The chicken is perfectly cooked – spicy, smokey, and all kinds of moist. The taste somehow doesn’t fall apart when you bite into too, which is impressive. Really enjoyed these and would order again. CHILLI GARLIC PRAWNS -  Am mad at it. This needs to be a permanent fixture on the menu. Chef, well done. More please.CHICKEN XACUTI - Navigating through a menu of meat can be a little overwhelming. With so many attractive options, what should you get? There are three standout cuts at Raasta and it all starts with the Xacuti, one of the best pieces of meat your mouth will ever have the privilege of tasting. A chicken xacuti is chicken saddle here. While it may not sound like much, it's absolutely incredible. Juicy, tender and fatty, the Xacuti alone is worth the trip. Make sure to experiment it in your visit here. SMOKED CHICKEN PIZZA – bell peppers and onion with smoked chicken. It’s a crowd pleaser. It might be a little heavy handed on the bell peppers, but there are worse things in the world.RED VELVET CAKE - Dessert is an important part of the Raasta dining experience, mainly thanks to the Red Velvet Cake, which is served and covered in white cream cheese. Am a sucker for that salty and the sweet combo. Also, the banoffee pie wasn't too bad either.

Posted on : 13 Oct, 2017
Good place to hang out

This was our first time to this place and I will keep it short... “NO REGRETS”. Overall good place to chill out .

Posted on : 09 Jul, 2017
Embracing the Rastafarian way of life!

Raasta opened up their new outlet in Cyberhub some time ago and I had been dying to visit the place since long. I finally made up my mind and a few of us decided to give it a shot the previous weekend for a brunch visit.The ambience of the place is very positive and a perfect reflection of the chill culture and rastafarian vibe that exists in such cafes. With a Rolling Stones copy kept on your table to greet you, one can only fathom and look at all the images and posters of musicians kept on the wall and the lively colors and decor. The staff was very polite and courteous and attended to us very well.DRINKS:• The Raasta Special: Loved this one, albeit a little too syrupy• Chocolate Cold Coffee: The Cold Coffee was mild and dilute initially, but upon request, they added more coffee to it and made it strong• Chocolate Oreo Shake: This was a delicious beauty and we loved having it on the table• Funky Monkey: A good cocktail indeed, this was strong and perfect for a good drinker who likes his drinks that way• LIIT: The LIIT glasses were beautiful and made the experience all the more betterSTARTERS• Jalapeno Cheese CigarsThe cigar shaped rolls were perfectly cheesy but not oozing with it. Loved the taste of this one• Dylan's GaloutiThe galouti kebabs were a little too patchy and not the best of choices here. The texture of the kebabs, though supposed to be soft, shouldn't be this pasty.• Veg Mezze PlatterA gorgeous and delicious platter consisting of hummus, pita breads, muhammara, falafel, tzatziki and a few more perhaps, is the best vegetarian appetiser to order.• Non Veg Barbados PlatterWith some delicious Chicken Tikka, Chicken Kebabs, Mutton kebabs and also bacon fried wraps, this was a great option too.• Cajun Chicken BurgerI personally loved the taste of the filling inside the burger and the size of the burger was great too. • 36-24-36 PizzaA nice and sexy name for a nice and gorgeous Pizza that tastes perfect and we loved it.• Fusilli Alfredo PastaThe pasta looks and feels so so ravishing! one can definitely try and get this one for the table. We ordered it for 3MAIN COURSE• Carribean Chicken Curry: 4.5/5• Jamaican Pepper Lamb: 5/5• Thai Veg Curry (Green): 4/5• Mushroonoff: 4.5/5The place sure seems to be a great place to be at for lunches and dinners even with friends and colleagues or with family as well, if they love themselves a merry time too.

Posted on : 29 Jun, 2017
Superb on all accounts, taste, location, service and ambience

Situated on the second floor of Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, Raasta has been around for some time now tucked right in between Sutra and Imperfecto. The trio makes up for much of the evening scenes (for groups especially) at Cyber Hub. Raasta is inspired by the Rastafarian lifestyle and the Carribean living with Bob Marley vibes all around the place. It is a perfect place to unwind after a long day at work as it transports you to another world which is cool and relaxed.What we ordered? There is no particular dish which I can not recommend. Everything is superb here. But I will suggest going for the Hawaain and Carribean dishes. Given that thier pastas and pizzas are better than many Italian joints, still, those dishes like Dylan's Galauti and Trilla are signature dishes which you can't afford to miss.Tale of the BongTailsChances are when you look at their bar menu, you miss out on a separate menu which lists Bong Tails. Prepared in Bong Jars, these cocktails are house specialties, and if you look experimenting with your drinks, you should definitely try one.

dhaarna k
Posted on : 27 Jun, 2017
It was okay-ish!

My sister and I decided to go to this place since we were impressed with music and exteriors. But there was nothing special about the place inside despite being a Friday night. We had some drinks and food. Nothing special again. The ambiance was boring. the only chance of you enjoying here is with a group of friends. They do have some events round the week like ladies night, karaoke, Sufi ights etc (not sure about all the events, do remember reading something on their board though). Maybe those are fun. But it was a boring Friday night at Rasta.


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About Raasta, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

A little birdie told me the cyber hub regulars have a new favourite. A snazzy Caribbean themed lounge “Raasta”. The place has gained popularity with its reggae superstars bob Marley, jimmy Hendrix, and bob Dylan gracing the walls. The young party goers have formed a keen attachment to this place cause of its character and superb service. Besides the great Caribbean food they hold live gigs and karaoke nights to keep you in the mood. Loud and musical variations of bob.

Marley is amusing to hear with the purple haze inside you. Raasta have devised concoctions like bongtails served in hukka glass to keep you hazy through the night. Classic LIITs are most ordered drinks. The pitcher with meeze platter and Caribbean chicken strips will suit you well if you are partying with the gang. They have innovative menu with jalapeno cheese cigars, raastawich, rum spiked lamb bongs and Caribbean oven roasted potatoes. To fill you up they offer fish and chips, classic mama’s Jamaican jerk chicken, jambalaya and assorted pizzas. The menu is wide with entrees which can be eaten as main if you want to fill your tummy with pitcher of drinks. The raastapasta section contains classic pasta with main sauces. But the dessert part will leave you swooning with delight. Sticky toffee pudding and Cuban flan can be enjoyed in the outdoor sitting area smoking on your hukka or a simple cool beer.

The patio is preferred by the crowd for it gives an awesome view of the hub. This Cuban night will not even cut a deep hole in your account. Within fifteen hundred you will have a wonderful evening attended on the waiting and happy staff. The crooning jimmy Hendrix romances you reminding you of swaying beaches of Caribbean islands and pleased crowd will make you glad to be there. Raasta is a lovely addition to this hustle bustle of the hub. Red, green, gold walls and witty signage portrays a rebel theme. The lounge is comfortable and summons you to come again.

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