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3 Anniversary New Menus Worth Trying In Mumbai
3 Anniversary New Menus Worth Trying In Mumbai | EazyDiner Food Trends

3 Anniversary New Menus Worth Trying In Mumbai

Wow your palate with a melange of flavours in Mumbai

29 Nov, 2017 by Mini Ribeiro

Wow your palate with a melange of flavours in Mumbai

Anniversaries call for celebrations and often new menus, to reinvent oneself. Several restaurants view an anniversary as an opportunity to reach out to their diners with renewed vigour – a brand new menu with some popular dishes and other, new offerings with a view to keeping themselves relevant. With so many options on the dining scene in Mumbai, perhaps this is much-needed. The Olive Mumbai celebrates its 17th anniversary with an eclectic menu of food and drinks. Masala Library creates a new menu for the first time ever on the occasion of its 4th anniversary and The Clearing House, relatively younger, commemorates its first anniversary with an exciting menu.

Olive Bar & Kitchen

This flagship restaurant of the Olive Group is now celebrating 17 years in the business. The new menu by Head Chef Rishim Sachdeva offers modern, edgy dishes that focus on traditional preservation methods, with flavours that are clean, international and robust. The dishes are a potpourri of classic flavours inspired by modern European trends and techniques. The Vegan Trio of Beetroot Salad offers beetroot cooked three ways (braised, pickled and roasted) on a bed of red and green butterhead lettuce, enlivened by fresh coconut carpaccio, yoghurt made from young, fermented coconut juice and flesh, and fresh serrano chilli and pepper salsa. Pork Belly, smoked and braised and cooked sous vide, and served with confit carrot puree is a must try. An extensive new cocktail menu has been carefully created by John Leese. A meal from this new menu is a memorable experience. 

Masala Library, BKC

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, known for using cutting-edge, postmodern and post molecular techniques to rev up Indian cuisine has an all-new exciting a la carte menu. Based on modern gastronomy, expect the unexpected from this menu with its pronounced Indian flair and progressive spread. Chef Saurabh Udinia has artfully designed the new menu, reflecting the diversity of traditional Indian fare with innovation and progressive presentation techniques. Enjoy a myriad of tastes and textures in one meal. Thalassery rasam steamed basa dumpling, Plantain Kebab, Impressions of Banana - raw banana kebabs made of Indian masalas served with a crisp deep fried banana on top, Radhuni Sea Bass, Pui Saag - Seabass cooked in Bengali wild celery, covered with a foliage of Pui saag, crispy fried, are unarguably the highlights. 

The Clearing House, Fort

With his new menu, Chef Nitin Kulkarni ensures that our palates are refreshed and excited. The menu features lots of comforting salad bowls such as the Avocado and cranberry salad in orange poppy seed dressing, the crisp and crunchy shaved Snow peas and green apple salad in onion seed dressing, both of which are invigorating. The small plates Steamed Edamame, Warm Burrata, Hoisin Chilli spiced Eggplant and Shitake Steamed Buns, are worth trying. Pan roasted grouper, the Crab ravioli, Tuna poke, are dishes that will mesmerise the palate of carnivores. For dessert, the gluten-free Banana Semifreddo, a semi-frozen with natural palm jaggery, served with banana raspberry cake and homemade peanut butter, is a treat you cannot miss. 

So treat yourself at your favourite dining places in Mumbai as you get to experience new menus with completely innovative offerings. 

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Food critic, features writer and columnist, Mini Ribeiro is a qualified Journalist, from IIMC New Delhi. She specialises in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality space. As an established food & beverage writer, Mini currently contributes to several leading English publications across the country – Asian Age, Hindustan Times, Sunday Financial Express, Hotelier India, Go Getter and Vistara inflight magazines and She also has her own You Tube channel called Mini’s Food Fundas. Fond of cooking, Mini enjoys experimenting in the kitchen with various cuisines, with Indian regional food, being her favourite. She has recently started, a platform for home talent, called 'Flavours from Home', an initiative which aims to make women who are passionate about cooking, entrepreneurs.

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