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6 Best Boozy Desserts in Pune

Talk about that rum-centered chocolate cake or the whisky laden dessert, Pune surely has some good options!

19 May, 2019 by Manish Menghani

Talk about that rum-centered chocolate cake or the whisky laden dessert, Pune surely has some good options!

Time and again, we crave for these sinful desserts which are not only sweet but loaded with some of your favourite alcohol and spirits. Even though there are limited options for you to savour on some of the finest desserts infused with alcohol, they are all quite potent and decadent.

Chocolate Whisky Paté at Indigo Delicatessen, Koregaon Park, Pune

One of the only desserts in town where chocolate is mixed with whisky and served chilled. The rich and moist Chocolate Cake is topped with Dark Chocolate Mousse that is infused with Whisky, it is sharp on the tongue and the whisky kicks in after it has hit your throat. The dessert is finished with some more whisky caramel, chocolate whisky sauce and crumble that looks nice and tastes even better, a good play of textures indeed.

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Rum Flambéed Pancakes at Arthur’s Theme

Breakfast for dinner? Bring it on! These all-day Pancakes flambéed with spiced rum make a really interesting dish and would remind you of the European restaurants and bistros. The pancakes are not too sweet and have the perfect amount of fluff and balance in the taste as well, the rum acts as a much-needed add-on to the simple breakfast style pancakes. This is probably the only place in the whole country that makes these adult Pancakes which are great to go any time of the day.

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Orange Spiced Rum Cake at Krustys

This cake is quite smooth and very rich because it is based on a Chocolate Mousse that is infused with orange spiced rum. It has very floral and Christmas-y notes with the orange zest and the whole spices showing their magic. The dessert is finished with some more Orange Caramel Sauce which tastes really nice because of the added advantage of rum in it. It is a super heavy dessert so make sure you have time to indulge.

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Bailey’s Lollipop at Farzi Cafe, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Unlike quite some things on the menu which are not necessary, this version of the Lollipop is spiked with Bailey’s and it is amazing. So when you order it, you will have this tree-like presentation and you might think that the bite is a rather tiny one but it is not. It is based on a Chocolate Bon Bon which is filled with Bailey’s Chocolate Ganache. You probably would not even get the Bailey’s for the first few minutes, so wait for it when it arrives and how!

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Boozy Ice creams at 11 East Street Cafe, East Street, Pune

These guys have always been a popular choice with alcohol-infused desserts for a decade. They have always had the actual Rum Ganache Balls, Whisky Drenched Cakes and some more basic cakes with different type of alcohol and spirits. Now they have upped their game with the launch of Alcohol based icecreams which are really nice and punchy. The range includes Whisky + Chocolate, Rum + Chocolate, Strawberry + Wine, Kahlua and many more. They quite hit the mark well so one scoop is great enough for once.

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Kahlua Panna Cotta at Incognito, Baner, Pune

The food and desserts have always been a delight here and so is the Kahlua Panna Cotta that comes with an interesting touch of a Kahlua Jelly as well. The base is quite strong and hits you in the throat but if you’re not happy yet, the jelly will do the needful. There is some caramel sauce and caramel based crispy garnish that breaks the monotony and Kahlua with Caramel is another fine combination.

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Manish has been a Food Photographer, Stylist, Consultant and a Pastry Chef for a long time. His experiences with travel have inspired him to write about food, cultures, cuisines & experiences across the world. He has had his own E-Magazine in the past and some notable contributions to The Times Group and a few other publications. He is massively inspired by the Indian produce of Coffee & Theobroma Cacao, something that he loves to promote and talk more about.

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