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Top 5 Gelato Spots in Hyderabad

Indulge your sweet tooth with these Italian frozen desserts

03 Oct, 2018 by Pallab De

Indulge your sweet tooth with these Italian frozen desserts

Ice Cream and Gelato  - They look the same and use almost identical ingredients, but they are not quite the same. Gelato is characterised by a higher milk content and lower fat or cream content. However, this can be difficult to discern as Gelato has a lower overrun - a technical term that denotes the amount of air in the ice cream. The densely packed gelato feels richer, heavier, and creamier in spite of using less cream. A final difference is that Ice-creams can include egg in the mixture, while gelato does not. Gelatos are usually a bit more expensive as the lower air content reduces the yield. While ice-creams have had a long and storied association with Hyderabad, over the past few years, Gelato has gained in popularity. Here are our picks for the best Gelato spots in the city.

Buona Dolce

Buona Dolce, which translates to "Good Dessert" lives up to its promise. There are 2 outlets – a flagship store at Jubilee Hills, and a new outlet at SP Road. The Jubilee Hills is larger and has a larger selection of flavours on offer.

Baklava, Nappirock (Ferrero Rocher), and Amarena Crock (Italian Cherries) are some of the signature flavours. Each gelato is sold by the gram – you pay only for as much as you want to eat.  

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Piccolo Gelato 

Today many shops in Italy are pushing the boundaries with their gelati by incorporating distinctive ingredients and showcasing seasonal and local produce. It brings the same culture of experimentation and innovation to Hyderabad. It is the passion project of Chanakya, who learnt the art of crafting the perfect gelato in Italy. The desserts on display include a mix of perennial favourites and experimental flavours that change every week.

The local favourite Chinna Rasalu, a particularly sweet and juicy variety of mango, effortlessly blended with mascarpone. Single-origin Dark Chocolate Sorbet rich velvety cocoa butter. A playful mix of bubblegum and banana called Vibranium. Toasted Japanese White Sesame with Madagascar Vanilla, Salty Pistachio Crunch, and Orange Chocolate. These are just some of the recent flavours from Piccolo that won our hearts. 

Ci Gusta! 

Talk about gelato to any Hyderabadi and Ci Gusta!’s name will inevitably pop-up. This café is a franchise of the global chain of Italian restaurants. The Gelatos at Ci Gusta! are crafted using premium Pregel gelato bases imported from Italy. While there is often at least a couple of seasonal and experimental flavours, it is the classics such Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Rum and Raisin, and Red Velvet that will have you coming back for more. 

Ice Creamery

This cute little dessert parlour opposite to KBR part serves some terrific Gelato and Sorbetto. Ice Creamery focusses on tried and tested ingredients such as strawberry and chocolate but still manages to offer plenty of surprises. The Chocolate and Sea Salt and the Strawberry Crumble are a couple of my favourites here.


Stickhouse is a global franchise that is popular for its modern interpretation of everyone’s childhood favourite – popsicles. Gelato, Waffle and Fruit Sorbet with a creamy filling are served on a stick. You also have the option of adding dips and toppings. Hyderabad has 2 outlets of Stickhouse – a dessert parlour in Banjara Hills and a small kiosk in Forum Sujana Mall.  

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Pallab De is a techie who arrived in Hyderabad towards the beginning of the decade and fell in love with the city’s vibrant and rich culinary legacy. He has been blogging for over a decade and a half, and, shares his food-related musings under the moniker of ‘Hyderabad Food Guy’.

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