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Top 7 Restaurants Serving the Best Dishes Made with Corn in Mumbai

This monsoon season is the perfect time to indulge in a plate of hot spicy corn

03 Jul, 2018 by Roxanne Bamboat

This monsoon season is the perfect time to indulge in a plate of hot spicy corn

Corn is an ingredient that gets a lot of love from diners. Be it American Corn, our Indian Makkai or even Baby Corn, it is often found sneaked into pizza toppings or pasta dishes. The monsoon season is the perfect time to indulge in some delicious corn-based recipes and while Corn on the Cob and Masala Chat Corn are street-side snacks, a lot of restaurants have come up with dishes that can easily rival these old favourites. These are our top picks for some of the best corn-based dishes in Mumbai.

Xico - Esquite Corn

Mexican cuisine has plenty of corn in it but none of the dishes really let the ingredient shine the way an Esquite does. This local Mexican side dish is a bowl of deliciousness with chargrilled bits of corn tossed together in a spicy chipotle mayonnaise and loaded with grated cotija cheese. It is a part of Xico's weekend brunch menu as is their Elote which is street-style corn on the cob with garlic aioli, lime and cheese but the Esquite is far more exciting.

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Kofuku Rock Corn Tempura

Japanese food tends to be full of sushi and ramen bowls but one of the city's best Japanese restaurants serves up a delicious corn appetizer. Kofuku's Rock Corn Tempura is bits of corn deep fried in a tempura batter and tossed with spicy mayonnaise or the option of creamy wasabi sauce. Either way, it is crunchy, spicy and a great corn dish to sink into. It is an ideal option if you are a vegetarian but even if you are not, it is too good to pass up on.

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Vedge - Crispy Corn Curd

This dish is found in many Chinese restaurants though it seems like another beloved Chindian concoction. Whether it is actually Chinese in origin or Indian, there is no dispute that Corn Curd is a popular corn appetizer loved by all. It is a dish made from creamy corn that is fried, so it is crispy on the outside by soft inside and the ones at Vedge are perfect served with a side of chilli oil and sweet chilli mayo. It is a great appetizer but works even better as a mid-meal snack.

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D:OH - Mushroom & Corn Burger

Vegetarian burgers are restricted to paneer patties or ones made with potato and a few token mixed vegetables. Not everyone gets creative with their vegetarian options but D:OH served a delicious roasted Mushroom and spicy Corn Burger Patty sandwiched in a 5-grain bun and served with scallion ranch dressing. The patty is fried, so it adds an extra crunch but this is a hearty meal and a great way to get your spicy corn fix.

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Mirchi & Mime - Water chestnut & Corn Tikki

The most obvious way of incorporating corn in a dish other than on the cob is a tikki or a patty. A small coin like plum pieces filled with either shredded or whole corn kernels and crisped up on either side on a tawa are always a popular snack. Mirchi & Mime take this humble Corn Tikki and add Water Chestnut to give it a crunchy texture with each bite and the results are brilliant.

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Nom Nom - Crispy Corn in Plum Sauce

Oriental restaurants do not seem to use a lot of corn apart from baby corn which is possibly more an Indian element than a Chinese one. Nom Nom has taken our beloved corn, crisped it up into crunch bits and mixed it in a delicious plum sauce giving it that slight Chinese like take. Who said it is difficult to create vegetarian options at an Oriental restaurant!

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Cream Centre - American Corn Cheeseballs

Very few restaurants that were popular in the 90's have managed to retain their loyal fans and Cream Centre is one of them. Diners cannot get enough of their Indian dishes and their take on Tex Mex cuisine. One of their most popular and also their signature dish is their American Corn Cheese Balls. A fried ball generously stuffed with corn and cheese that comes oozing out with every bite. Perfect to chow down on a rainy gloomy day.

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Better known as the Tiny Taster, Roxanne is an internationally respected blogger and expert on the Mumbai food scene. She has hosted many events, including the Upper Crust Food & Wine Show and travels the world, sharing her knowledge and gaining more experience.

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