Indian Accent
The Lodhi, New Delhi

₹ 5000 for two
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Modern Indian
Today, 12:00 PM to 02:30 PM, 07:00 PM to 11:30 PM
The Lodhi, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
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  • The new menu is a blend of several new dishes plus a few classics from the previous menus
  • Chef Manish Mehrotra will be exploring theme-based menus in an adventurous format
  • Reservations are definitely advised

Marigold flowers lead to the glass door entrance via the small staircase. The beautiful panoramic view of the serene waterfront comforts me and I love the new venue at once. It is none too traditional in its décor and has a very upbeat contemporary feel to it. Both the veg and non-veg tasting menus begin with a dish called ‘Puchkas Five Water’, essentially a take on the humble Kolkata street food. Here the Puchka are bite-sized and decadent with shots of various waters ranging the gamut from tamarind to buttermilk. One of my favourites from the new menu is the deceptively simple dish aka home-style Chicken Curry; this dish is a reference to what Chef Manish’s kitchen team loves to eat on a daily basis at home. Here the chicken is cooked and then shaped into a roulade. The result is remarkably light and marries well with the turmeric rice and preserved onion, an example of modern cooking technique put to good use. Mehrotra has nailed the famous kulchas and is definitive, and has nowhere else to go. The Haji Ali inspired custard cream is as light in texture as its name suggests. Mehrotra is an artist and artists should be permitted to succeed. Good wine list and efficient service despite the crowd.

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Namratha B
Posted on : 19 Feb, 2018
The Best for modern Indian food

Excellent food in a cosy restaurant. I have visited twice (when they were still based out of Manor). Planning to go soon to their new place in Lodhi Road.The food and service are beyond exceptional. Value for money is questionable. I opted for the tasting menu both time first time with wine pairing and second time without. Love the flavours captured in such unique dishes.

Rana S
Posted on : 18 Feb, 2018
An awesome experience

This was my first visit to Indian accent and a very memorable one.The design of the tasting menu was wonderful.I loved each and every dish but the Moradabadi Dal is the best I've ever tastedSo was the daulat ki chaat

Posted on : 18 Feb, 2018
Contemporary Indian Food

Lovely atmosphere and good service. It's Indian food, but somehow more contemporary. Depending on where you stay, be prepared to drive 30 to 45 minutes in heavy Delhi traffic to get there.

Posted on : 17 Feb, 2018

More discontented and frustrated we had a very bad experience with this hotel and one of the hotel’s restaurants. We decided to leave our case to the public opinion on this site for it credibility and to be a reference in the future for all guests who are considering staying at this hotel or planning to visit this awful hotel and its facilities.Some guests may have some satisfaction with the hotel's services. But we are very sure that it won’t be their same opinion when the audience read our view and discover those facts at this point of this hotel and the experience we have passed. This experience is not a special case as may others think but in fact it is the policy and strategy of the hotel and its notorious facilities and low services that do not live up to luxury standards as you expect.Very sadly we've faced unfortunate incident and we would like to express with you the inconvenience and the humiliation which happened to us as a family in (The Lodhi hotel) and in the Indian cuisine " Indian Accent" on the last Jan. 10th 2018, while having dinner. We were high-level guest (V VIP's) at that hotel and it restaurant. And we regret to that incident especially and upset by the cold response of the hotel and the restaurant. Which is totally unacceptable.The hotel does not live up to the required expected services and lacks origins of Professions in performing of its duties towards guests. Lack of quality and professionalism of services provided. The hotel management is not cooperative at all. The hotel was dealing in a very shocking and strange way. When we made some notes and comments to the hotel management we were ignored and they did not think of satisfying their guests. Unfortunately the hotel and the restaurant have no credibility in dealing with guests at all. Hotel management and restaurant management also lack the literary decency in dealing with VIPs.For “Indian Accent” restaurant, as we are a Muslim family we were shocked that the management of the restaurant seated us by their staff at an inappropriate side table in the Bar area of the restaurant, though we requested strictly a table in the dining area. Knowing that we were a (family) that wants to dine and with a religion that forbids drinking alcohol, it is shameful that the restaurant management and staff knew full well that we were very important figures and fully aware it was our first visit to this restaurant, yet we were despised and insulted by this improper reception, which is totally rejected. This actually surprised us. We were very embarrassed and upset to expose us to this situation.Some may consider that this subject is linked to the doctrine. Or perhaps some believe there is an exaggeration in this proposition. But the fact is that you put yourself in this situation and imagine what can happen when a high-level respectable family sits among a group of drunkards. This is sad. We were supposed to have a good time but the situation was opposite to our expectations.We asked them to move us immediately to another table because we did not wanted to pass by the Bar and sit next to the drunken people. They told us that all the tables were reserved in the dining area that night. But actually five tables were empty and we saw it. We were their guests for late orders who left the restaurant at 11:45 pm and no one was occupying those tables till the end of the event. It was a ridiculous deal. Anyway, after many attempts finally we were moved to another table in the dining area. The service was very poor upon to our evaluation. The food was very bad and did not meet to the level of a five star international restaurant. We had opinions about the level of food served on our table, and we would like to share it with everyone. Actually the service was really super slow. As the food was very bad in taste, the food was not hot and were served cold. The juices recipes were really very bad and the juices were full of spices in an unpalatable way. And it takes the Kitchen a long time to serve them, though we asked for the juices to be served before all the food. But it was served with the main course, though we requested for it many times during our dining, and we reminded the waiters but to no avail. Having a hair in the appetizer dish. After discovered that hair in the dish, we showed the hair to the waiter and we thanked him and told him to remove the dish and not to replace it. More frustrated, we were surprised that the Chef or the restaurant manager did not visit our table to apologize, though the restaurant staff were informed about the filth of their dishes. But it was surprising and shocking no one apologized for that or anything else happened to us that night?For the main course, the meat was slightly stiff during chewing and was not at the required level of tenderness and was served really cold. The rice dish was good but very cold and it contained a lot of cooking oil in a weird way. Our family did not enjoyed any of that food on that table. But we did not like embarrassing any employee or any of the restaurant waiters. Sitting on that table was a gracious compliment to our family members, and not to the restaurant at all with great regret, though this restaurant has been selected from a range of restaurants to have the honor of our company, but we were absolutely disappointed!!!!The staff of the restaurant were totally unprofessional. Also we kept calling the waiters many times but was not immediately responded to. This required an effort for us to find assistance.In addition, an amount signed by our son was stolen in the restaurant by their staff. Our son was stolen and not contacted to disclose any forgetfulness in the restaurant. When the management of the restaurant been told about the loss of money, at first the restaurant management was in denial. Quite the contrary the restaurant at first continued the story of denial, which is really unprofessional and unacceptable. But then they were recognized as part of the stolen amount. And only $200 out of $300 was returned in cash. They requested a settlement action to refund the amount of the food bill that had been paid but did not do so and was not returned to the bank account as agreed. We knew very well that they were lying. Is this a five star restaurant in a luxury hotel?We requested for the CCTV records of that event, but unfortunately it was deleted by their staff for no evidence against them.In fact, we expressed unprofessional staff, mismanagement of the restaurant and rudeness of the restaurant manager Ms. Palki which is also protocolally not permissible and strictly unacceptable because of her unpolite manner with V VIP’s guests. Knowing that the hotel and the restaurant manager and the restaurant staff is already full explained and full aware with all the aspects of our subject and about all the incidents. But this rudeness was issued instead of apologizing.Regrettably, the employees were offending their company's reputation. This restaurant is counted as a fine 5-star restaurant. It is shameful what happened to their prime guests. We did not hear before about theft in upscale places. This Hotel and it restaurant has become too dangerous and to deal with staff far below the required level. And with a very bad reputation to us. As everyone knows, the first impression is the last impression.Moreover, we repeat again exposure to disrespect and theft in a five-star restaurant such as this restaurant is considered as a major risk to very important figures. This is totally unacceptable in all customs and beliefs. And we called back many times that hotel and Indian Accent restaurant to reconsider their strategies by offering a clear and frank written apology for the incidents which happened to us within the presence of all their staff but to no avail. This matter should not be denied or ignored. It is disgraceful to reply us in such a vulgar way by the hotel or the restaurant management which does not live up to the level of discussion we had earlier with them. And it’s surprising that they refused to apologize to us. And of course, our dignity is more important than having to chase some non responsive people who couldn't care lessWe leave this subject to the audience judgment. Such incidents should not be allowed and not let it to go unnoticed without investigation and without accountability.We have never heard of such incidents in any of the fine restaurants all over the world. Overall, The restaurant did not apologize for the poor food quality and the low level of services.We did not received a clear explanation of all that is mentioned above. We also urge the hotel and the restaurant to refund the monies of our son to his bank account which was given earlier to their management and submit apology for all the things that took place during that dinner.

Posted on : 17 Feb, 2018
My favourite restaurant in the world

By far! Spent valentine’s evening at the new location at the Lodhi hotel and had the veg tasting menu with matched wine pairing. It lived up to every visit I made before at the previous location. The food was plentiful and the wine perfectly paired. I dream about the blue cheese naan on a regular basis. Thoroughly recommend whenever in Delhi!


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About Indian Accent, The Lodhi, New Delhi

Indian food is considered to be rich and covered in gravy. But Indian Accent has changed all that and created a new definition of our cuisine. The modern avatar of Indian dishes generated by chef Manish Mehrotra are a revelation. He is a genius who tries to give his regulars a change every week. He is innovative and keeps within bounds of the authenticity offering dishes like pulled kathal phulka taco which is essentially a jackfruit wrap.

Duck khurchan cornetto and potato sphere chaat represents as impeccable entrée. Pao bhaji with ricotta wada is exceptional. Tamarind fish with coconut barley reminds of coastal ghat, its each morsel a pleasure to eat. The chef has strewn the menu cleverly playing with textures and different flavours. The menu is written in composed and well thought manner. The plate prepared comes to you a visual delight. The bread bar is unconventional with its chilli hoisin duck kulcha, Applewood smoked bacon kulcha, wild mushroom kulcha. The combinations are so unique and untried in India. Wasabi raita is unheard of! For dessert section he keeps on his winning streak. His mishit doi cannoli and besan ladoo tart is just an extention of his talents. You can also opt for chef’s dessert platter for best of everything. The wine list supplies to every need. Be it champagne or wine it is equipped to match each occasion. The staff is very observant and intuitive to your needs.

The best part of the meal is that the chef comes personally to discuss the meal so you can pick his brain with this awesome bonus. Indian Accent is expensive but worth every penny with its once in a lifetime experience. It maintains its exclusiveness by being hard to find so be prepared to tour friends colony west pretty well. Its location make it even more elusive. Book in advance so you don’t miss out on the restaurant’s hidden delights. If you are fortunate enough to be seated then don’t forget to try chef’s signature dishes. Ask for chef’s table if you have a large gathering so you can watch chef Manish in all his glory. The décor is deceptively simple and classic but the food served is exceptional. Such talent within our reach should be savoured and tried often.

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