Masala Library
Janpath, Central Delhi

₹ 5000 for two
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Modern Indian
Today, 12:00 PM to 02:45 PM, 07:00 PM to 01:00 AM
21 A, Janpath, Near Le Meridien, New Delhi
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User Reviews on Masala Library, Janpath, Central Delhi

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Posted on : 31 Mar, 2018
nice café

The food quality was perfect and very tasty and delicious. The presentation of the food was nice. They also have dance floor where u can dance and enjoy. They also provide separate smoking area to them. They also have outdoor seating which is beautifully organized. They also have an amazing crowd

Posted on : 29 Mar, 2018
Delicious chef’s tasting menu!

Tried chefs 13 course tasting menu at this fine dining outlet. Food was delicious and presentation was superb. Decor was ok and servers were courteous and had a wonderful degustation experience.

Posted on : 03 Mar, 2018
Great meals with Fancy Service

Very fancy meals - almost fusion food Great service The food was excellent with extraordinary presentation The chef stopped by to show us some of his "presentation" skills Very personableGood pairing of price and food

Posted on : 26 Feb, 2018
Amazing fusion food

One of the best places to eat fusion food. You will enjoy each and every dish on your pallet. We had the Chef come to our table and recommended us some fantastic speciality dishes. Great ambience and brilliant food.

Sandeep S
Posted on : 24 Feb, 2018
Best Delhi has to offer

A trip down the memory lane in a swanky new Lamborghini is how your experience will feel like in this latest brainchild of current Czar of food circuit, Mr. Jiggs Kalra, which has taken the Delhi NCR food biz completely by storm. (Not that this is something new for them, as they have already done it once before with its inception into the food scenario of Mumbai 3 years back. Infact the trend of being the highest rated restaurant in the city; like they are currently in Delhi NCR; isn't an uncharted territory for them either as they have been ruling the roost down south too all these years).Whether you are an avid traveler like me who loves to tryout local cuisines during your trips or a foodie who while staying in the comfort of his/her town keeps trying eateries for a taste of regional cuisines, visit this place once and you will realize why I called it's experience a trip down the memory lane. This restaurant is an amazing ode to the regional cuisines of our nation (they serve global cuisine too but the heart & soul of the place lies with regional cuisine only) and each dish arriving at your table will come attached to such a beautiful story/intro with it that it will straightaway remind you of your travels or past experiences of this cuisine. The time and effort spent by the team behind this place to get the authenticity of taste and to cover even the cuisines of farthest parts of our nation shines through in each and every dish and makes you respect and commend the same.But why Lamborghini you might wonder?Because even when each and every dish will be recognizable to you by its name, taste and intro; many of them are presented in such a never-seen-before avatar that you will have no other option but to go "whatttttttttt, how did you turn that simple dish into this masterpiece." They have truly given an year 2017 makeover to dishes years, decades or maybe even centuries old. Located right next to the Le Meridian hotel, the outlet is everything you thought it would be. Since it is not a place for the masses, the class is visible in every nook and corner of the place. A cute li'l garden welcomes you in the middle of which is a pavement leading to its glass entrance. The decor is understated elegance at its best with no artsy stuff strewn here and there but clean empty spaces bathed in white and a giant chandelier in the middle showing that they dint went easy on the pocket but instead spent only on what will actually enhance the aesthetics of the place. Like a hollywood actress' dress has slits at the right ends to hotten things up, similarly they have two wall high structures in their premises which have all the kind of alcohol and wine present in the world to seduce you, tantalize you and make you droooool.To maximize your experience; like their staff; I'd recommend all to go for their tasting menu. It may seem expensive when you see the prices for the first time but trust me, by the end of the meal you will feel as if you made the best food related decision of your life. To be honest, even I was skeptic at first, but knowing the name behind it, I decided to take the plunge and boy, it was totally worth it!Once seated, the server recommended us tasting menu with wine pairing but since both my partner & I have absolutely no palate for wine, we decided to go for the option sans it and asked our server for his suggestions for cocktails based on our preference of poison. Based on my memorable experience, I would say it was the best way to go as while my mind rushed to cautious mode seeing the prices and was planning on ordering my safe bets - whiskey sour and old fashioned (which I did order eventually and found it sensational), our server noticing the dilemma suggested trying their ML signature drink. Even before tasting it, I fell in love with it as the server took some herbs and flambéed them in one of the strongest spirit there is, Absinthe, before dousing it all in the cocktail. The procedure gave the drink a smokey and exotic taste and made it one of the best drinks I've tasted EVERRR!!!Finally the magic began - the food!The spectacle began with the arrival of a nest which had two broken eggs in it. Before we could complain to the server about us being vegetarians and thus opting for that course, the server explained with a smile that it was their amuse bouche which had mango pulp acting as yolk and coconut milk as the fluid besides it. This truly breathtaking (& completely believable) presentation will not only cleanse you palate but your mind too preparing it for more amazement and awesomeness that lied ahead.Their snack pack began soon afterwards and comprised of six dishes, namely madur vada rasam, pirada cheese poee, deconstructed samosa, charcoal bhajiya (yes, you read it right, CHARCOAL bhajiya), Nadir Churma and farmer's staple. While obviously each and every dish tasted different from each other, what impressed me even more, before tasting them, was how much thought-process had these guys spent on the presentation part. No dish had plating similar to each other, infact some weren't even plated and were served on a stone or some other quirky stuff. Hats off to the team for paying attention to the minutest of the things.The first dish of the meal arrived in the form of a tiny piece of vada (with a speck of chutney on it) placed atop a glass tube having rasam in it. The rasam was not only one of the clearest I'd ever seen but was also one of the tastiest and thus packed in this dish flavors beyond expectation.Having already tasted deconstructed samosa once at some other restaurant and falling absolutely in love with it, I was quite looking forward to this dish. Fortunately it was as awesome as my previous experience and is a dish not to be missed at all.Charcoal bhajiya is a dish that will have you in two minds. In one second you will feel apprehensive of eating something burnt and yucky, in another there will be excitement galore of trying something new. If feeling the same, wait for the 2nd second and put this in your mouth without letting the moment pass as it is by far the most unique take on a simple pyaaz pakoda you'll ever get to see, taste & relish.Last dish of the snack pack was all about simplicity and love. The dish arrives in the form of a half eaten bajra parantha with caramelized onions coming out of it from the make-believe eaten side. Served with a spoonful of white butter it was their way of presenting one of the most beloved meal of our farmers esp. those belonging to the north side of our country. Beautiful, delicious and just pure.The mention of name "Mushroom chai" felt like music to my ears as I am a big time fan of both and was dying to see this "holy matrimony". A stylish transparent cup of clear consommé having dried truffle oil crumbs and mushrooms in it was a sight to behold and the more you sip on it, the deeper you will fall in love with it. While the snack pack left us craving for more, the time between it and mains made us wonder whether these bite sized beauties will be able to conquer the hunger too like they did the tastebuds. Li'l did we knew that the mains will be a full blown assault on the hunger while maintaining the unique presentations and appreciable tastes. We got to eat a lot of dishes in the round 2 mentioning all of which will stretch this review by an hour and so i'll skip ahead to the top 3 dishes which for me were kottu roti pol sambhol, shrooms and steamed gatte with saag.In one of the rare occurrence when the focus shifted from regional cuisine to international one, kottu roti pol sambhol had a cylinderical scoop of sri lankan curry topped with crispy flakes on top of it. The curry was mildly spiced and tasted great.Shrooms was the only dish where it seemed finesse had made way for fun as it had different kinds of mushrooms done in some creamy marination playfully tossed across the plate with spices and grated cheese on top of it.Steamed Gatte with saag was again regional food at its best bringing together the best of two of the most popular cuisines, rajasthani and punjabi. The result was not only as pretty as a picture but a dish that had truly incorporated the flavors and essence of both and made it into one memorable one.By the time round 2 ended , I was pleasantly and shockingly stuffed. The fact that I was full before the arrival of desserts was something that made me even happier as it is not a part of meal I'm particularly fond of. Of the wide variety of desserts they served in their tasting menu, namely jalebi cavier, ashen kulfi, bhappa doi, chenna payesh while the presentation of each was stunning that it made me atleast try all of them but the one I'll remember long after my visit to this place or even till the end of my whole life was ironically the dessert not even mentioned in their menu. The dish was nothing short of a magical trick and had a chocolate ball placed on a base that started levitating and rotating because of some magnetism principle. It was something that will grab your attention by the collar and not let it go till the phenomenon ends. A memory worth cherishing this one was. Still looking for more reasons to visit this place?! If all that I've written above doesn't tempt you to visit then I suggest you wait for the magical door to appear for Narnia as maybe they will have that place you crave for :PFor others, it is a place not to be missed!!!


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