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2500 ₹ 2500 for two
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Today, 06:30 AM to 12:00 AM


  • 06:30 AM to 12:00 AM

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Hyatt Regency, Weikfield IT Park, Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune

Insider Tips

  • A hat tip at some unusual vodkatinis here, include one with carrot, chilli, mint and salt, and another with pineapple and blackcurrant
  • The bartender’s special cocktails also have some real crackers, like the Typical India (coffee beans, curry leaves and Scotch) and Magnifera (white rum, mango juice, star anise and ginger)
  • In Western-style entrées, the grilled sea bass, tiger prawns and buffalo tenderloin are all lip smacking, as are the barbecue pork ribs with cornbread and herb-marinated chargrill chicken


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Critic Rating

Shweta Speaks Writer & Journalist


The setting is spacious, elegant and simple, while offerings are in the form of a delightful à la carte menu and sprawling buffets. Of the latter, the breakfast and brunch buffets are well appreciated, with live counters of eggs-on-order, pancakes, South Indian fare, fresh breads, and more. Other live counters through the day include a make-your-own-wok, chaat, tandoori, street food (like pav bhaji), and so on. Alternatively, sip on a refreshing mocktail like the Bombay delight (guava juice, pineapple juice, strawberry syrup and fresh lime) or cracker (cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, peach syrup and Sprite) as you contemplate for the à la carte section – fancy a cheese platter with honey, walnuts and bread, or cold cuts with olives and gherkins? If not, try dim sums or Japanese ginger-scented fried chicken karaage. The stir fried pork loin with mushrooms and bok choy is excellent to pair with fried rice; but, if Indian food is more to your liking, start with the crisp vegetable samosas and proceed to the masala cholay with cheese kulchas. Some of the more ‘bistro’-like orders here include delicious spinach-corn-cheddar in grilled toast, the croque madame, or the fillet steak sandwich.

User Reviews

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(4.5) Overall Rating (Based on 54 reviews)

Posted on : 21 Nov, 2018
Great Staff n Food

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency on 2 occasions and had a lovely experience, every time we ate something there. We had lovely staff attending to us. Ankit Raut and his team kept us very happy and offered excellent service all the 3 days. They didn't have Sabira Merchant's favourite momos, but the chef prepared something special by himself that was very close to a momo, and it tasted awesome. We also a had kebabs platter, where the only thing I found wanting was the lamb mince sheek kebab. Would have liked it to be a bit more juicy n not so dry. The chicken shammi kebab was excellent. Maybe a few Indian mint chutneys would be appreciated (more by the foreign visitors). Basically we didn't order anything from the menu and ate what Ankit suggested, and we overate. Coincidently, we were there on a Wednesday which is Kebab special.

Posted on : 11 Nov, 2018
Sunday Brunch- excellent

The Cafe is like home- breakfast every day is ofcourse great- but today we had the Sunday Brunch- and in 3 hours were famished!! Pani Puri- Papdi Chaat- then Paneer and Pineapple Skewers- Ghugani and Luchi- Spaghetti- Pizza- And the finale was Jalebi with Rabri and Gulab Jamun cheesecake!!

Posted on : 22 Oct, 2018
The Turkish Festival - Merhaba Turkiye

Recently we visited the Turkish festival - Merhaba Turkiye by international Chef Muzaffer. It was also the launch of the patio and for the same they had a lovely event organized. We were really happy that they had sufficient options in veg as most international cuisines are not relished by vegetarians due to content of meat in it. They had a variety of breads including the Ramadan Bread which was big and fluffy. The array of salads and dips was also vast including the beetroot hummus which was our favourite. They were making falafel pockets in pita and other breads. From rice to kebabs to soups and more, the Turkish menu had an authentic flavour in everything. The cherry to the event was the Turkish icecream game. The Turkish icecream has a special creamy texture and takes a minute to solidify so they play a game with you before giving it to you. This was quite interesting and also a lot of fun. In all we are very happy to see Hyatt Regency Pune bringing in different flavours from all over the world to Pune. 😊

Posted on : 12 Oct, 2018
Merhaba Tuerkiye

Sunday brunch is one of the latest emerging trends in the city. So I think it’s about time I ask you guys ‘Have you been to any Sunday Brunch?’ If yes/no, you should definitely go to the Brunch at The Café , Hyatt Regency. They are hosting a Turkish food festival till the 14th of October and trust me it is definitely worth a visit. Merhaba Tuerkiye is the name of the festival and it includes all things Turkish. From Turkish starters to Turkish desserts , you name it and it’s there! I attended their Sunday brunch last Sunday and from start to end, I was more than amazed with the menu curated by Chef Muzaffer Yaman who has travelled all the way from Istanbul. So when I think about Turkish food , Shawarma and Hummus comes to my mind. And yes , that is definitely the first thing I had here. There was a shawarma live counter which was giving me the feels of being on the streets of Turkey while it was being prepared in front of me. Along with the Shawarma counter , they also have a Falafel counter. They are serving Falafels in a Bagel. Something definitely worth a try. Hummus is one of my favorites things to binge on and the best one to be served in this brunch was undoubtedly the unique pomegranate hummus. Slightly pink in color having the perfect pomegranate taste. Definitely a recommendation from my end. Now what is brunch without some live counters? There is also a live counter with all types of fish and various marinations of chicken. The best part about this live counter- you need mot wait! The food will be prepared and served hot at your table while you enjoy some other starters. Another good part about this brunch is that they have curated the menu with respect to different people and their different taste buds. So just in case you don’t like anything Turkish, you can always go for something Indian or Asian. This was the first time ever I tried the Sushi and my my , I was delighted! I tried the Prawn Sushi and it was so well made. I also tried the salmon roll which was a fresh piece of salmon on sticky rice. Along with the Sushi, there was something else that I tried for the first time: LOBSTER!! It was mind-blowing! There was a wide variety of Indian and Turkish desserts: - Jalebi Rabdi – In case you want to be in your comfort zone – Jalebi Rabdi is what you should have. But I would definitely suggest you to try the Turkish desserts. - Chocolate Fountain – Every child and adults delight. What’s more? You have macaroons and marshmallows to dip in the fountain. - Baklava – Baklava is a traditional Turkish dessert. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have it as I am allergic to dry fruits, but my friends had it and they claim that it was the best that they have eaten. So definitely tops the suggestions. - Coffee Tiramisu – It was served in the cutest way but it lacked the perfect taste. I could feel the coffee granules from within. Something that can be avoided. - Baked Yoghurt – I personally loved this dessert. Rather I loved the presentation and the taste. - Turkish Ice Cream – They have a live counter where you can have some fun while you are TRYING to catch your ice cream cone. ( exactly how it is shown in the videos on YouTube, check for : Turkish Ice Cream ) Here are a few things you must have in the buffet: - Adana Kebab - hand-minced meat kebab mounted on a wide iron skewer and grilled - Shish Taouk - traditional marinated chicken shish kebab of Middle Eastern cuisine. - Bagel Falafel – as explained above - Variety of Hummus ( must must try – Pomegranate) - Gosht Dum Biryani – the mutton pieces were extremely fresh and cooked to perfection. - Shawarma – traditional Turkish style Shawarma - Turkish desserts – as explained above - Lamb Sauté – one of the main courses which you have to try! There’s one last thing I will be mentioning, and that is the brilliant Live Music! It just adds to your dining experience! There are a lottt of other things to try , I’m sure! But I think you guys should go yourselves and experience them instead of just reading what I had  I’m not even surprised if you have not started drooling. My verdict would be to definitely go and try this festival at The Café , Hyatt Regency. Lunch : 1099/- + taxes Vfm : 5/5

Posted on : 07 Oct, 2018

What’s your usual Sunday plan sounds like? Either lazing around or go out and explore something new. Well on most of the occasion, we spend our Sundays at home but one can’t deny the fact that once in a while you feel like to dress up, go to some nice place and have some good food. In Modern day’s language, we call it Brunch. Sundays seem to be incomplete nowadays without Brunch. But again if you are all set for a brunch by leaving your bed aside then all you expect from that Brunch place is it should be good. Otherwise, what’s the use of going out on a Sunday. Well, one place which often attracts me when it comes to food is Hyatt Regency. After trying out their Italian Kitchen, it was the time to try their Sunday Brunch. I have heard a lot about their ‘Eat Street Brunch’ from few friends so finally decided to give it a try. Also, after knowing this time their theme is Lebanese and Turkish I just couldn’t resist myself to experience it on my own. I have visited ‘The Café’ in Hyatt Regency where this Brunch happened. The moment I entered all I could see was food and only food, and it had already made me happy. Couldn’t I be more happier? There were counters of Pani Puri, Fresh Fruit Juices, Cheese, Egg, and Dessert. There was so much to try even before you entered into the café. So starting it with entrance itself, I have tried juices from their live juice counter where they were making fresh fruit juices without adding any preservatives or sugar. I have tried Watermelon and Pineapple juice. Both tasted refreshing. Then there was a counter of cheese where they have displayed various kind of cheese like parmesan, cheddar, blue, mozzarella etc. Out of all these cheese, Blue cheese was my personal favourite. It was good to try different kind of cheese with sides which go well with that particular cheese. Finally it was the time to try some real food for which I was there. So the moment I entered, there was a spread of Sushi and Grilled Vegetables at one side; and Turkish and Lebanese delicacies on another side. I started it with Sushi and there were at least 10 kinds of Sushi including veg and non-veg. I have tried the non-veg sushi which turned out be really good. There was this authentic taste of Sushi. My favourites were Tuna Nigiri Sushi. So Nigiri is basically a rice ball which is handmade with a slice of Tuna fish over the top. Another one was Crab and Cucumber Maki which was basically a crab stick with cream cheese and cucumber sushi roll. Besides that, there was various kind of salmon and bacon and salami. Loved the smoked salmon and Salami Picante. It's called Picante because its spicy in taste. Also, I have tried grilled lobster with chicken which was delectable. There was the time for some Lebanese and Turkish food now. So I straight went for Shawarma which was juicy and flavourful. The Pitta was stuffed with succulent pieces of lamb and it tasted good. From the Turkish section, I opted for Simit since I haven’t tried it ever and was curious to give it a try. So Simit is basically a circular bread typically encrusted with sesame seeds or poppy, flax or sunflower seeds at times. Simit was the stuffed with Jorshi. Here Jorshi means the variety of pickles of all shape and sizes. My first experience with Simit went really well. It was indeed a treat for my taste buds. Simit was crispy and crunchy and the pickles tasted flavourful. Then there were Kebabs named Adana Kebab and Shish Taouk. Adana Kebab is made from hand-minced meat and then grilled on open griller filled with charcoal and mounted on iron skewers. These kebabs were succulent and smoky. Shish Taouk is another famous food of the Middle East where cubes of chicken are marinated in yogurt, lemon juice or tomato puree along with some spices and later skewered and grilled. This had savoury taste with a punch of tanginess. You can’t really miss out Falafel, Hummus and some Pita Bread when talking about Lebanese food and to my surprise there was the distinctive variety of hummus. Simply loved the pomegranate hummus. This was the first time I have tried some hummus which had a flavour of pomegranate. The hummus was fresh and good. Goes really well with Falafel. They even had Cilbir which is basically a Turkish dish made from poached eggs with yogurt, and Hummus Turkey. Then in mains, they had Shepherd’s saute with lamb and Spiced Turkish Chicken made in Turkish style. Also, I had Gosht Dum Biryani which was really good. The aroma and taste of Biryani both were good. The pieces of mutton cooked to perfection and mixed really well with rice. Then they had dal rice, some Bengali mutton, and Raita as well. Loved the starters and mains and it was time for some dessert. They had literally huge counter for dessert. There were Indian as well as English desserts. There was more than 20 type of desserts on their menu. I have tried Jalebi which was topped with Rabdi and there were dry fruits and other stuff to add to it as per your taste. Then there were chocolate cakes, cupcakes, macaroons and different kind of chocolates like dark, white etc. Loved their macaroons. Also, their Baklava was just amazing. It was my favourite dessert over there. The layers of chopped nuts with honey were irresistible for me to have. Along with that, there was Tiramisu which I found ok. Then there was baked yogurt and Turkish pie which were delicious. They even had an ice cream counter where they were serving Turkish Ice cream in that totally Turkish way (if you have seen the viral video). Along with the good food, they have live singing which added charm to this place. Definitely a perfect place for Brunch. Also, the service was very prompt as I found all the waiter and staff very polite and courteous. Ratings- FOOD: 5/5 AMBIANCE: 5/5 SERVICE: 5/5 A must try place where you get to explore more than 100 variety of food. Thank you The Cafe

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