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Mumbai’s Best Restaurants That Opened In 2016
Mumbai’s Best Restaurants That Opened In 2016 | EazyDiner Food Trends

Mumbai’s Best Restaurants That Opened In 2016

Reminiscing The Years Culinary Journey

31 Dec, 2016 by Roxanne Bamboat

Reminiscing The Years Culinary Journey

2016 has been a very eventful year with a lot of drastic changes and ups and downs. From winning a silver medal at the Olympics to Mr. Modi’s demonetization, the passing year will be remembered in time for many things. Many new developments happened in Mumbai’s food scene as well. Here is a list of the top restaurants that have made their mark this year- 

KOKO - The guys that started Henry Tham's a couple of years ago and then The Good Wife, launched a fantastic Asian restaurant this year that has become a very trendy spot. Folks like to pop by for dinner and then hang around as it turns into a bar post the regular dinner crowd. The menu is a mix of sushi, sashimi and dim sum, which are the highlights along with other Asian dishes. 

TAG Gourmet Kitchen - Vegetarians always seem to get a raw deal when it comes to eating out. Most restaurants offer the same generic dishes with either mushroom paneer or potatoes no matter what the cuisine is. The Amateur Gallery has decided to change that and despite its launch towards the end of 2016, it has become so popular that it is worth mentioning. The food is gourmet Vegetarian with interesting dishes by celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar and has diners lining up for a reservation despite only serving small plates and offering wine pairings. 

Masala Bar - Zorawar Kalra and his team have been churning out fantastic restaurants all over the country but this particular bar that launched in Mumbai this year might be one of his very bests. The food is more tapas such as their signature tweaks to popular Indian dishes. The dramatic décor and how it is only illuminated by candle light makes this a sexy spot for a night out. 

212 All Good - Some might call it a trend, others a life style change but there is no denying that 2016 was all about eating healthier and none did it better than 212 All Good. With an incredibly creative menu using ingredients that are local and good for your gut, this restaurant made healthy eating options very fashionable. The restaurant is almost always occupied and hardly anyone leaves disappointed. 

One Street Over - If there is any chef that got the city excited about food it is Chef Kelvin Cheung. For a while he created a massive buzz at Ellipsis before deciding to settle in America. Somehow he managed to change his plan, came back and opened up One Street Over which was an instant hit. The menu has Chef Kelvin written all over it and is one of Bandra's hottest restaurants.

Masque - Mumbai has plenty of fine dine options but no restaurant has been bold enough to encourage only set menus and get rid of the À la carte menu completely. That is of course before Masque, which was launched this year. The restaurant prides itself on its coursed menus that start from two courses and goes up to ten. The food is a journey of ingredients sourced from all over the country. The restaurant has a dedicated bar that also encourages you to concoct your own cocktails and name them so when you visit again, you can ask for your creation. It is unlike any other restaurant in the city and that is its greatest appeal.

The Clearing House - A late entry as it launched in early December, made a huge impact on the culinary scene in Mumbai as it is almost house full any day of the week. The team that worked at Indigo and Indigo Deli have launched their new venture in Ballard Estate, a welcome change from all the mills, and has an elaborate menu with Asian and European influences. The restaurant is upscale with chic interiors and food that has struck a chord with diners in the city. 

Here are some of the Best Restaurants in Mumbai

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