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Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights Reviews

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Phantom Speaks

The Delhiite likes Hot Chocolate one moment; the next, he or she would prefer a chilled beer. It’s the same with food: there’s an eclectic range of eats that the average denizen of Delhi is partial to: Cheese Fondue one minute, Sindhi Curry the next. The Juicy Lucy burger that was conceptualized in this kitchen, is now relentlessly copied elsewhere, but the deep-fried burger bun and the kitchen knife stuck in it menacingly is a Café Delhi Heights signature. The seating too, is a careful mish-mash of east and west. Just like the food.

User Reviews on Cafe Delhi Heights, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Cafe Delhi Heights
Posted on: 22 Dec, 2016

Great food at Cafe Delhi Heights

This place serves all the possible kind of cuisines and surprisingly they never go wrong.The food is absolutely amazing. Must try : pepperoni pizza , lamb biryani , Amritsari fish and chettinad chicken. They must try to sort out their seating problems because you will always end up waiting for an hour or so before you get a place to sit.

Cafe Delhi Heights
Posted on: 05 Nov, 2015

Good place at Cafe Delhi Heights

I visited Cafe Delhi Heights after it was on my Wishlist from a long time. We ordered a few drinks and customized our own pizza. the food was good and drinks were refreshing. their staff is very friendly and helpful! the place has a beautiful seating area and they play really good music. i also tried there red velvet and it was just average.

Cafe Delhi Heights
Posted on: 29 Oct, 2015

Juicy Lucy at Cafe Delhi Heights

I personally have been to this place now thrice and I really do like the ambience. No doubt the food is great but personally except for the juicy Lucy I don't enjoy anything else. So this time when I was near cyber hub thought of packing a juicy Lucy burger for myself as I was busy. Had placed my order before hand so that I wouldn't have to wait for the pick up and wasn't disappointed. I wasn't very keen in clicking pics of the restaurant as I was in a hurry , but of course I can guarantee that one shall enjoy the cool vibes of the place . It has a great ambience with a young and youthful vibe . Casual dining. Now coming to the food I ordered the juicy Lucy burger which has a very big bun which is makes it look huge but in reality isn't. Always cut the burger in half to eat it easily . The patty is made out of mutton and stuffed with some cheese inside the patty . It is really delicious and tastes really good with the sauces and vegetables. But in all honesty I am not a very big fan of the cabbage they use. Its not right , nowadays no body serves cabbage inside a burger , usage if lettuce would be appreciated. With the burger comes a side if fries of course . They taste great with ketchup and mayo , the dip I make at home myself. If someone plans on visiting any cafe delhi heights go for the juicy Lucy you shall surely enjoy.

Cafe Delhi Heights
Posted on: 07 Oct, 2015

Deli in the name of Delhi at Cafe Delhi Heights

Good food, great drinks, amazing ambience and innovative options! The freshly baked house breads offered with butter are really soft and taste good. Been here a bunch of times and the food has never disappointed me. I am very fond of the Delhi Burger. The chilly paneer, ratatouille, pasta and caesar salad are also pretty good. Chicken fanatics must go for the Juicy Lucy open chicken burger. The sangria here is especially good and when u order the pitcher served in a huge wine glass, youl get a feel of their innovation. Wouldn't recommend the Jalapeno poppers as they are not prepared well, the cheese inside didn't seem to have melted. The vada pao isn't great either. Go for the burgers, pastas, pizzas and salads. They're really good. I like the seating arrangement with the curtains. The staff is very cooperative and amicable.

Cafe Delhi Heights
Posted on: 23 Sep, 2015

One of the best @ Cyber Hub at Cafe Delhi Heights

This place is huge enough to accommodate large groups but still is usually packed with people. The staff is overall very friendly. As soon as we sat the waiter got us complementary heated bread sticks/buns and cheesy dips on the table. And were kind enough to provide us another one when asked for.<br /><br />The menu has a lot of options and I usually order Chilly paneer starter and Veg burger (without buns being fried!!). The pizza is not the best options for vegetarians and can be avoided. The portions are fairly good and definitely worth the money you spend. They also run good bucket offers on beers and breezers. <br /><br />This place is just below my office and one of the first choice on my list for good meal @ cyberhub.

Cafe Delhi Heights
Posted on: 04 Sep, 2015

Birthday Special at Cafe Delhi Heights

The buzz and the hype around CDH forced me to give it a try on my Bday and honestly the outlet out stood the awesome reviews.

Located in Cyber Hub, it is huge enough to accommodate large group of friends. We chose to sit in a secluded tent sort of tables they have over the inner side just opposite to the dessert counter. Greeted by the smiling waiters and the aura of the place was a signal enough that the evening would be a pleasant one.

As soon as we sat the waiter got us bread sticks and cheesy dips on the table.

Quiet astonishing menu, it took us close to 15 minutes in order to come up to a consensus and we finally ordered - Chilly paneer and Arabiatta Pasta.

Both the starters had apt portions and was good enough for two people..the pasta was served with garlic bread and was a decent try.
The pasta appeared a little bland, as it was a bit overloaded with cheese.

The best part was the Special Dessert that I was served (They called it my Birthday Special..Lucky it was a perfect mix of soft and creamy bread layered with chocolate and caramel.

I had an amazing time and I am definitely coming back to try more of the amazing innovative dishes on their menu.

Cafe Delhi Heights
Posted on: 23 Aug, 2015

Must Visit at Cafe Delhi Heights

Well it was my best buddy's birthday topped with a Friday evening.. So we decided to head to Cyber hub to try out the much hyped Cafe Delhi heights!!

Honestly the ambience was the show stopper.. The way they have done those individual rooms kind of place is just outstanding. They even give you your own private

We decided to order vegetarian that day.. for a change.. We ordered mix sauce pasta and a funny named dish which was close to Chilly paneer.. The presentation was average but food tasted good.
The quantity was amazing (which now a days is thing of the past in most food joints)

They were hosting some kind of mango festival and suggested us to order Mango Iced tea which was the yummiest part of the meal.

Also, the service was quiet remarkable with all the waiters being generous enough.

To complete the Meal with a sweet dish.. The manager suggested us to order their signature chocolate lasagne which was mouth watering (which they ultimately gave us as a bday gift..)

We had a fabulous time.. Be it ambience, service, quality, quantity, price..everything just complemented the food and the place. Must visit!

Cafe Delhi Heights
Posted on: 09 Jul, 2015

Green + Choco Peanut Smoothies at Cafe Delhi Heights

Ahh !!, What to say about it, only can say Fabulous !!!
What an ambiance, Awesome !!
I visited this place last day .. tried green smoothies here. (KIWI+banana+Pineapple) Delicious.
Choco Peanut smoothie is one of the best.
Quisaddas are yummiest. Mutter Paneer is a delicious one.
Whenever I think of going somewhere with family, only place flashes Cafe Delhi heights

Cafe Delhi Heights
Posted on: 08 Apr, 2015

Try the pie at Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights truly justifies its name with mind blowing flavours and completely soothing ambience...its different and comfortable seating arrangements add to its beauty...i was truly impressed by the quick service...its chocolate mud cake and banofee pie are truly delicious..with cold cranberry drinks adding to the delight....must visit place for food lovers to try something new ..

Cafe Delhi Heights
Posted on: 27 Mar, 2015

Juicy is Lucy at Cafe Delhi Heights

Honestly I have gone to a place where the portions are huge! the taste is huuuuuuge!! For a person who was used to McDonalds all his life this place is a keeper in the name of burgers, be it juicy Lucy or the open chicken burger ! The cheesy nachos are sure to melt in your mouth so will the potato wedges which are both crispy and soft. The pricing fits well when you look at the quantity! The place is done up well and the menu is large! Staff is pretty efficient! A great place for long conversations while pondering over pretty plates!

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About Cafe Delhi Heights

The service staff is alert and polite. They help you with whatever you need. So as far as service is concerned the place is laudable. The pricing though high but decent portion sizes suffice the exorbitant price charged. An evening in Café Delhi Heights will surely make you peppy and perky.

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