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Smoke House Deli

Casual Eclectic

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17, Khan Market, New Delhi
786 100 4444
For two : Rs 1950

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22 /30
Smoke House Deli Reviewed by Eazydiner Critic


1+1 on 30 ml measures of Johnnie Walker Red Label & Order a main course & get a dessert free
Phantom Speaks

Part café and part delicatessen, each of the three branches in the NCR have wall art that fits in with the location. The simple but effective black-ink line drawings have become synonymous with the brand. Half-a-soup and a sandwich, eggs florentine and the signature trio of bagels, burgers and hot dogs are what most people go to eat in this smart casual eatery. The decor and service sometimes outperform the food. The ‘deli’ in the name is just that: a name.

Insider Tips on Smoke House Deli

  • DLF Promenade Mall has the oldest branch with a charming courtyard space
  • Khan Market has its fair share of well-known faces; Hauz Khas Village has the most character
  • Ask for the cheesecake and you won’t go wrong

Map of Smoke House Deli, Khan Market, Central Delhi

Map of Smoke House Deli

User Reviews on Smoke House Deli, Khan Market, Central Delhi

  • Natasha Dhawan
  • Love this place at Smoke House Deli

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 03 Jan, 2017

    I have been to Smokehouse Deli in Promenade Vasant Kunj a couple of times but came to the khan market one for the first time and it was brilliant! Smaller in size but definitely warm and cozy for a quaint winter evening. Consistent food and prompt service! This place always does a fabulous job with the food. My only negative feedback would be to increase the standard of their desserts. The salads and mains are so current in flavours that the dessert was a little old school for me. However, all in all it was a beautiful evening and I look forward to visiting again.

  • Great family restaurant at Smoke House Deli

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 02 Oct, 2016

    This is a brand with presence across cities and enjoys a huge fan following. Getting down to the basics, here's what you should order -
    Soup - carrot soup ( I'm not a fan of their soups as they are generally not very hot when served)
    Starter - paprika puffs with wasabi salsa
    Pasta - mixed sauce added with a bunch of bell peppers and broccoli(if you like broccoli that is)
    Boss style aglio olio - this is their own signature interpretation of the famous Aglio Olio pasta-to be tried only of you like the taste of regular Aglio Olio pasta
    Pizza - the garden pizza on their thing crust base
    Main course - market vegetables pan crumble
    Dessert - flourless chocolate pie and the bitter chocolate orange pie

  • Namrata Anirudh Saraf
  • Nice place at Smoke House Deli

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 04 Aug, 2016

    This is a nice little place to go and grab a quick bite anytime of the day!
    It has great selections for salads sandwiches and juices and their service is always prompt!
    Their Italian never fails to deliver and their maragarita pizza is my daughters favourite dish ever!
    Their drinks are also great and their service you can't fault!
    All in all a great place to eat out!

  • Anchal Chaudhry
  • Surprisingly average! at Smoke House Deli

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 21 Nov, 2015

    I have been here many times before but first time went there by booking through eazy diner on Wednesday which give a free desert with the booking. I ordered a Malabar roast coffee which was cold by the time it got to our table on the terrace. We had that anyway but ordered a cappuccino again after having the cold malabar brew!!. I ordered the spaghetti meaty bolognaise which was nice for my palate but my american friend said it was indianised!! the service was average and we had to keep looking for the waiter to be spotted somehwere behind the glass window to be called out. I thought the desert could be the saving grace of this visit and i choose the hazelnut mousse flan which was so disappointing that i had to leave it midway!! I am surprised how come it was average when earlier times it has been a good experience, i want to count it as miss but would think twice before going in again!!Eazydiner needs to strike another deal, really!!

  • Renee Chopra
  • Great place at Smoke House Deli

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 07 Oct, 2015

    A cute little place with service being of the highest order. The staff has been trained extremely well. They are super courteous and helpful. The food is great as well. The salmon and chicken herbed sandwiches are pretty good. The fries are superb which isnt something i would say often. I also tried the hotdog and the pasta in white sauce and both were done really well. The deserts are avoidable. I had the hazelnut cake and wasn't impressed. Overall this place is great!

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  • My Rating

    About Smoke House Deli

    My friends and I wail on the lack of places in delhi serving hearty continental breakfast. Some time back I was recommended this place ‘smoke house deli’ in khan market which dispersed my woes. Don’t be fooled by its name. Smoke house deli is a deli style restaurant serving casual eclectic food with flair. The menu is heavily influenced by American culture but here is where the similarity ends. The owner has very brilliantly designed the décor turning the restaurant into a tunnel of light. The pale walls are covered in hand made sketches of Mughal architecture blending nicely with the view. The location compliments the interiors in every way. To sit in a beautiful room flooded with vivid sunlight sampling the gorgeous cuisine puts a big smile on your face.

    In breakfast the kitchen prepares bagels, buttermilk pancakes, eggs in classic styles and hash browns. For starters they make fritters, skewers, lamb & chipotle patties, chorizo & potato picante and much more. You can make a meal with your bowl of soup and salad by adding half a sandwich. The restaurant serves various burgers and hotdogs with lamb/chicken/vegetable options. Pepperoni & bacon pizza is a pizza after your own heart. Its salty goodness gives you a pause and go mm. Their mains page is an interesting collection of recipes featuring lemon & mascarpone polenta, market vegetable pan crumble, peri peri grilled chicken and steak pit. Add cobb on side to make a picture perfect platter. The food speaks for itself. Its simplicity yet flavours packed punch bombards the mouth. The beverage menu is as extensive as well. From teas, coffee, juices they store smoothies too. The desserts created are architectural masterpieces. Hazelnut mousse flan, crème brulee, warm apple crumble all wraps up the end of meal in a neat bow.

    Under two thousand you have mastered quite a bit of variety. Kids are most appreciated in this establishment. They have their own part in the menu to suit their tiny appetites. Their food is presented in fun ways too like helping of French fries arriving a mini toy truck. No two year old can resist that! On children’s day the kids get special deals too. Smoke house deli is a fantastic piece of culinary addition to our community. Visit them or lose onto a great dining experience.