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Lavaash By Saby

Mehrauli, South Delhi

4 based on 19 reviews
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Sourish Speaks

Rating - 23/30

THROUGHOUT their checkered history, bloodied by the atrocities committed on them, Armenians have found refuge in India. Today, about 150 Armenians are living in Kolkata and the Armenian College there draws students from this Orthodox Christian community across the world. Not much was known, though, about the community that settled in Asansol, West Bengal, to develop the vibrant district town’s iron and steel industry, till Sabyasachi Gorai, a talented young chef previously with AD Singh, opened Lavaash by Saby at the picture-postcard-pretty restored heritage building Ambavatta One in Mehrauli. The Armenians gave the world lavash, the soft and thin unleavened flatbread; they created the tonir, an underground clay oven that metamorphosed into the tandoor; and their cabbage or grapevine-wrapped tolma, dumplings (manti) served with sour cream, and khoravat (grilled meats) now have a worldwide following. The flamboyant chef has dipped into this culinary tradition at Lavaash by Saby, his 150-seater restaurant set to open in phases. It has several positives working in its favour, not the least of which are the banana flower (mocha) puffs, onion tolma bulging with mustard-spiked prawns, the pizza-like pide (another Armenian speciality) topped up with molten cheese and runny egg, and manti served out of an earthenware steamer designed especially for the dumplings. Lavaash by Saby has potential.

User Reviews on Lavaash By Saby, Mehrauli, South Delhi

Rajiv Aneja
Posted on : 03 Feb, 2017
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
A different cuisine
Delhi is becoming the food capital if India The last few years we have seen the opening of various outlets who have dared to break away from the butter chicken kababs etc and offer different cuisines of the world This place does some great food so if you are in a good to be adventurous then go ahead and experience Lavaash

Sanya Chopra
Posted on : 22 Jan, 2017
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Beautiful ambience and great food!
This has become my new favorite place in town . The service is brilliant, food is amazing and the music is just the perfect volume for conversation. The hummus is the best I've had in Delhi and it pairs perfectly with lavash bread. I'd highly recommend the lamb kebabs too. The cherry on the top (quite literally) is their cherry glazed cheesecake. I could just go back for dessert!

Posted on : 04 Jan, 2017
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Nice and Cozy.
We went for a lunch on a sunny afternoon to Lavaash by Saby. It is a cute little place with very pretty interiors. Its one of those 'feel good' kind of a place. We ordered sizzling vegetables and potato dolma for the appetisers. Sizzling vegetables were very nice- not too spicy or bland with just enough sauce and the potatoes were also very well cooked. But we did not like the potatoes that much because they have a very peculiar taste of mustard oil which is not for everyone's taste buds. Then we ordered chicken skewer from the sharing plates; the chicken was tender with good flavour. For dessert we had the old monk mousse; it was a bit thick as compared to the usual texture of the mousse but tasted really good. Elveyn- the drink that we ordered was the showstopper; it was tangy and fresh. Really recommend this place.

Sargam Jain
Posted on : 25 Sep, 2016
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
The place - amazing ! Decor, lighting the candle light sitting was perfect ! The service - courteous and fast . And the food - well I liked it no doubt , but didn't get a feel that it's radically different . But no doubt an amazing place for a date or any special moment . Come here and you'll fall in love .

Poornima Katyal
Posted on : 31 Aug, 2016
☆ ☆ ☆
A quaint restaurant in the middle of the ruins
The restaurant is very pretty which means I loved the Ambiance. It's interesting how they have created an Armenian Bengali menu and have managed to do it well. The kebabs were the show stealer. The staff is really polite and of course we chomped off on all The Lavaash. I liked the food. Wasn't too impressed with the mocktails and mutton risaala. Overall a good place for a cozy lunch or dinner.

Posted on : 25 Jul, 2016
☆ ☆ ☆
Birthday lunch with friends
My expectations from Lavaash were skyrocketing, with every review I heard or read and of course the Qutub area which houses some of the best restaurants Delhi boasts off. It's a lovely concept with Bengali infusions but to be honest, I was not that mind blown. We ordered quite a lot of food considering we were about 10-12 people. There was Lavaash chips(nice for munchies), cheese platter (good), onion prawn tolma (average), veg mochar puff (good), roasted chicken bucket (can skip), olive oil chilli garlic chicken (can skip), iranian lamb koobideh (loved), orange pound cake (loved). The drinks were what majorly disappointed us. The second round of all the 1+1 drinks was not upto the mark, neither in terms of presentation, nor in taste. Special mention to the mahua cocktail though. It was one fabulous drink. I might go to Lavaash again if I happen to be in the area, only because I am giving it a benefit of doubt. The interiors are a 10/10. The place is a beauty and there is no denying that.

Reeth Puri
Posted on : 15 Jul, 2016
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
One of my favorite places
The restaurant is of course a different and amazing concept. Being from kolkata alot of the flavors bring back alot of childhood memories. The nahoums Mutton patty is one of those great modern takes on an old classic. It's my favorite thing on the menu. It pair's really well with the cherry sangria as well.

Reeth Puri
Posted on : 15 Jul, 2016
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
One of my favorite places
The restaurant is of course a different and amazing concept. Being from kolkata alot of the flavors bring back alot of childhood memories. The nahoums Mutton patty is one of those great modern takes on an old classic. It's my favorite thing on the menu. It pair's really well with the cherry sangria as well.

Posted on : 12 Jun, 2016
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
it's different
Went for a family dinner and it was our first visit to this restaurant. We ordered a vast variety from the menu and pleasantly all dishes were different and competing with each other for the memory it was to leave on the taste buds. Let me put things in perspective. In case you don't experiment and you want Indian daal roti, give a skip. In case you expect a five star fine hosting on service, set the standard a little relaxed. Now sit back relax and let the food do its magic. My advice order anything, won't go wrong, try Mutton, and don't leave without giving the desserts their opportunity to work thier share of magic. A good evening is on the roll.

Nikhil Madan
Posted on : 04 Jun, 2016
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Amazing ambience
The ambience of this place is something that can alone Pull a lot of crowd. The food is good. One of the grilled fish that they have is really good. The menu is very limited but it has to be as it only serves one cuisine. The service was average, one area that they could definitely improve upon. They also have a section on the second floor which they had shut down for reasons we had failed to understand. The dish in the photo was some chicken supposed to be Armenian but tasted like afghani chicken that is so widely available. The ambience is something that makes the place worth visiting repeatedly but the food also makes its mark.

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About Lavaash By Saby

Saby found a picture perfect heritage villa in Ambavatta One and converted it into a tranquil paradise of flavours and style. He then chose to throw away the edgy modernity of today’s trendy dining spaces and paved his own way with handlooms of West Bengal. The fetching beauty of hand-embroidered kanthawork upholstery that covers the chairs to the delightful motifs of peacock, parrots and pomegranates that seems to be everywhere, lends the space an enchanting appeal. A chrome yellow painted room flooded with sunshine and a vast sunlit courtyard shaded by a neem tree beckons one to relax and soak in the leisurely ambience. Lavaash may not be cheap but it takes you on a rollercoaster of flavours that stay with you for weeks to come.
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